"An Intimate Evening with Trey Taylor"
July 14, 2021

Palm Beach County
REC Meeting
August 11, 2021


"Putting You First!"

Empowerment. Equality. Freedom.

The permanent professional political class in Washington has forgotten where they came from and who they represent. It's time for new leadership that prioritizes the needs of the American people, and represents the constituents rather than special interests.
We need to empower the American people by creating new jobs, offering training programs so any American can get a higher paying job, lowering taxes so taxpayers have more money to spend, making college more affordable, and increasing and improving trade and professional schools so no one gets left behind.

We can improve education and level the playing field by offering historically underserved communities greater educational opportunities by allowing parents to spend their tax money on the school of their choice and ensuring that all schools, regardless of community or student population, receive equal resources.

We will return to our roots, renewing our revolutionary principles of limited government, individual liberty and self-determination by getting government out of our lives, empowering parents to make decisions for their children, and reaffirming our constitutional rights, including free speech and the right to bear arms.

"I'm an unapologetically proud flag waving, anthem singing, red, white, and blue wearing American patriot!"

Sept 13, 2021

Club 45 Meeting


Sept 21, 2021

PBCYR Meeting


Sept 22, 2021

PBC School Board Meeting


Sept 28, 2021

The Chauncey Show


Oct 11, 2021

Night of Patriots

Boca Raton Regional Republican Club


Oct 13, 2021

Palm Beach County REC Meeting



"National Report"

on NewsMax

May 3, 2021

"The Red Pill Reality Show" with Riscalla
 on TRIM Radio Network

July 31, 2021

click here to listen

Mike Vilardi Show"
 with Mike Vilardi and Neil Haley

July 30, 2021

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Chauncey Show"
 with Chauncey Brown

September 28, 2021