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Florida is not immune from the radical leftist movement spreading through the nation, wreaking havoc on our national institutions, dividing the American people, and threatening to destroy our republic from within. The Democrat party, once the party of Kennedy and Clinton, is now the party of Marx and Mao, surrendering to the liberal socialist fringe of American society. War is being waged on parents, law enforcement officers, and any citizen who dares challenge the woke orthodoxy. How long before the left undermines our values and institutions here in Florida?

The left attacks parents, supports government mandates, and uses the education system to develop a new generation of anti-American leftist radical activists by indoctrinating our youth. They shame white children by accusing them of racism, living as oppressors resulting from their white privilege, while holding down black children by perpetuating belief systems maintaining their perpetual victimhood, destroying minority communities with the true oppression of low standards and lower expectations. Our children are taught that the differences in their skin color are more important than their individual character, actions, and words. We must defy the liberal socialist counterrevolution if we are to ensure our children and grandchildren, black and white alike, know true freedom and have the opportunity to live the American dream.

  • We need to say no to critical race theory, the 1619 project, and the left's myth that we were founded under the flag of white supremacy and continue to perpetuate a system of racist oppression. I support patriotic education, where our children learn the truth about our national heritage, both the good and the bad, and the efforts we have made over centuries to right the wrongs of the past. I promote unbiased education based on curricula that promotes independent thinking and multiple perspectives, and bans indoctrination, improper influencing, and pressuring children to conform to any ideological norms.
  • We must promote a Florida first philosophy, protecting Floridians from a rising cost of living by working to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, enacting fiscally responsible economic policies, ensuring equal  educational opportunities for all students regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or zip code, and protecting our border sovereignty by standing up to the Biden administration's open borders and immigrant relocation policies.
  • We must continue to maintain Florida's role as a safe haven for freedom, defying unconstitutional government mandates, resisting federal government overreach, and protecting the individual liberties promised and guaranteed by our federal Constitution.
  • We must always work to keep our streets and communities safe for our children by supporting our law enforcement agencies, promoting cooperation between police and community members, and choosing to protect the welfare of law-abiding citizens over concern for the rights of criminals.
Together, we can protect Florida from becoming California or New York, where violent crimes are rampant, homelessness pervades the major cities, citizens suffer under oppressively punitive tax codes, and a woke orthodoxy supersedes our American values. Let's protect Florida by electing constitutionalists and defying the demands of the woke mob. Let's keep Florida free!

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