The Good Fight

In book one of the Patriot’s Journal, we explored the dangers of liberal socialism and the threat the far left poses to the future of the American republic. In book two, we continue to journey into the depths of the progressive agenda, along with a plan to resist the socialist push, restore American constitutionalism, and save the republic. The United States is in a battle for its soul, with the founding principles of individual liberty and limited government being threatened by the big government, collective agenda of the liberal socialist counterrevolutuon. It is time for patriots from all walks of life to resist the drive for socialism and restore the republic to the nation as it was founded by Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and their compatriots.

The Plague of Liberal Socialism

In America 2020, traditional liberalism is endangered, with the left being hijacked by radical liberal socialism. This heinous movement stands not only for fiscal policies that would bankrupt our nation, but more importantly for positions and policies that threaten the permanent division of the American public. Liberal socialists do not believe in the rule of law or the supremacy of the Constitution, and by any means necessary are focused on tearing apart the fabric of American society. Not since the Civil War has the United States faced such a grave threat. The very existence of our republic is at stake.

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Common Sense: Constitutional Conservatism, Liberal Socialism, and the Battle for the American Republic

Twelve score and four years ago, our fathers brought forth onto this continent... A bold new experiment in limited republican government that guaranteed the individual freedom of its citizens. It was a land in which all men were created equal, and liberty flourished with a government of, by, and for the people. The rise of social liberalism and the growth of the welfare state threaten everything the revolutionary generation fought and died for. Only through a return to the constitutional conservatism of the founding fathers can we renew the Spirit of 1776 and ensure the success of the American experiment. The future ofthe American republic is at stake... It’s time to renew the Spirit of 1776!

Don't Ask Why: Leading Without Limits

Why think why? Why settle for constraints limiting your leadership? Asking why is about not doing; asking why not is about doing. Don’t Ask Why provides a framework for those leaders who want to challenge their boundaries, break barriers, conquer challenges, exploit opportunities, and dare to create a new future.The future belongs to the bold. It will be created by those who defy limits and dare to reach for the impossible. It will be formed by those who break down barriers and build bridges. It will be led by those who effectively build teams and empower others. Don’t Ask Why offers advice to...Find your true self, Develop a growth mindset, Implement a core covenant, Defy conventional wisdom and challenge the status quo, Build an effective team, Build internal and external bridges, and Make a difference.

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Be A Bean: Life Lessons for Anyone & Everyone Who Wants to Lead A Good Life, Be A Better Leader, and Change the World

Life is complicated. Leading complicates life further. Be A Bean! provides 20 little lessons on life and leadership that offer a blueprint to having a positive impact, making a difference, and achieving excellence. How does one change the world? Progress, new markets, revolutions... all the product of transformational change. Managers do not seize opportunities, create new futures, and alter the landscape. Leaders do... Specifically, leaders who dare to dream big, act bold, risk failure, inspire others, and challenge the status quo. These people are the beans that refuse to be changed, but rather work to change the environment in which they exist. Be A Bean! is not a book for those individuals who are satisfied with the status quo, seek to maintain their niche in the current market, or those who are willing to timidly follow others into safe waters. This is a text for those people who wish to blaze their own path, boldly go into uncharted waters, create new markets, generate innovative approaches to old problems, and foster a landscape of constant improvement in efforts to leave the world better than the one they inherited.