John Adams

"... a Constitution of Government, once changed from freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever"

"Our schools need to teach our children how to think, not tell them what to think."

"Black, brown, and white do not divide us; red, white, and blue unite us."

"I'm an unapologetically proud flag-waving, anthem-singing, red, white, and blue wearing American patriot."

"President Obama gave us hope and change. President Biden is giving us too much change with very little hope."

"American journalism is all but dead, with the honest dissemination of fact being replaced with the purposeful promulgation of propaganda."

"If we empower people rather than government, all Americans can thrive rather than simply survive."

"Government dependency is a self-fulfilling evil that destroys generations of families as a hand up becomes a handout, ignonimity replaces dignity, and despair rises in place of hope.

"The American flag is the greatest symbol of liberty, freedom, and justice in the world, representing the ideals of generations of Americans, hundreds of years of progress, and the promise of a dream to all those brave enough to call America home."

"The Democrats' goal is to destroy the American soul and lessen patriotic resistance to liberal socialist rule through disempowerment, dependence, and delusion."

"Liberals prefer equity in poverty to inequality in prosperity."

"The conservative endeavors to raise the lesser to meet the greater; the liberal insists on bringing down the greater to meet the lesser."

"Leftists hope to transform our government of the people, by the people, and for the people to a people of, by, and for the government."

"Democrats can only win by disguising their unpopular policies, exploiting emotional reactions to tragic incidents, and promoting false narratives." 

"Whereas debate and dissent were accepted and encouraged, and the backbone of early American success, obedience and compliance have become the demanded norm, setting up future American failure."

"Woke America is an America in decay. It's an America of big government and little liberty, greater regulation and lesser freedom. It's communities infested with crime, lawless streets run amock with anarchy. It's a nation without borders and without values, where the young are indoctrinated, the flag is burned, and citizens turn their backs on the national anthem. It is a land of intolerance and hate, division and derision. It is a liberal socialist's dream... the people's nightmare."

"Today we have different visions of America - on the right we have "One nation under God," while on the left we have a white America and a black America, a rich America and a poor America."

"What we have in America today is not what the founders established in the past, and the America we have in the future will be determined by what we do today."

"The founding fathers gave us a limited government beholden to individual liberty. We must always ensure that the individual remains superior to the government, and that the government always exists to serve the people."

"The only tolerance to which the leftist prescribes is conformity to liberal socialist dogma."

"When you hear liberals say compassion, they mean control; by tolerance they mean conformity; by equality they mean equity; and by fairness they mean acceptable bias."  

"We cannot promote social justice and racial equality by perpetuating further injustice and inequality."

"Race is not a zero-sum game, where one race can only rise if the other falls; we can all prosper together."

"We can choose to rise together as one American race or fall as members of individual races based on the color of our skin, but we cannot overcome our differences if black and white are more important than red, white, and blue."

"Leftists claim racism to deflect from the underlying reason for the struggles of the black community... bad liberal policies."

"History has shown us that poverty rises when welfare and government assistance are the key economic providers for people of color, and drops significantly when those same people are empowered, employed, and entrusted to improve their own lives."

"American politics have become more about destruction than construction, more about obstruction than compromise, more about blame than collaboration, more about party than country, and more about ideology than patriotism."

"Democrats are the opposition. Liberals are our antagonists. We can negotiate and compromise with both. Socialists are the enemy; there can be no compromise."

"The only good government is a limited government, the only good tax is one that is being cut, and the only good budget is a balanced budget."

"The Democrat party has transformed from its Jeffersonian origin. The party of the people has become the party of corporate America, the party of the working class is now the party of the coastal elites, and the party of states' rights is now the party of big government... the party that once feared tyranny has descended into the party that embraces tyranny. "

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