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Help secure a free and fair Florida in the future. 


There are many ways to help us protect our state's future - 

from making phone calls, to walking door to door, to posting signs, to hosting fundraising events.

Here are ways you can help:


It is absolutely critical for any successful campaign to get the word out, to be able to communicate with all members of the community. KGF believes that every life matters, every voter's voice should be heard, and every individual's needs should be understood.

We need you to help KGF hear from every voter in District 90, and in turn to present his ideas for our future and his solutions to our problems. There is no better way to connect candidate with voters than by small, intimate gatherings where everyone is comfortable enough to share their thoughts, opinions, needs, and stories.

If you would be willing to host such a gathering at your home or community clubhouse, please let us know.

Remember, we are in this fight together!


Campaigns are only as strong as their volunteers, so we are looking for any individual who is passionate about renewing American greatness, returning to our national roots, and together, building a program to solve our problems and meet our needs.

If you believe that our government has grown too large, if you believe we spend too much, if you believe that our founding fathers brought forth onto this land the greatest nation in the history of the world, then join us... help us represent your needs and renew the Spirit of 1776, return America to its roots of limited government and individual freedom.

We need you!


Help us compete with the forces of big brother government and those that want to change the foundation of our national greatness. If you believe in our message, help us by making a donation in any amount - $5, $10, $20... every little bit helps!


Campaigns are expensive endeavors. It takes funding to reach voters, get our message out, and promote our conservative agenda for Florida's future.

You can help our campaign by hosting a fundraising event. No event is too big or too small, and our campaign would love to work with you to create a memorable and effective campaign event.

Let us know if you would like to help our campaign raise the funds necessary to effectively compete against the destructive wave of woke liberalism and big government tyranny.

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