Dr. Keith G. Feit is a career educator, an author, and a lifelong Republican. He is not a career politician, not an ideologue, and not indentured to any special interests. He is a conservative thinker, outspoken supporter of the Constitution and the vision of the founding fathers, and a staunch anti-socialist.

Dr. Feit earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences from Florida Atlantic University in 1997, immediately entering the education profession. Struggling to earn a living as a paraprofessional in the public school system, he finally received his first full-time teaching offer, at Pope John Paul II High School in Boca Raton, Florida in 2000. In 2011, while working for Florida Atlantic University's lab schools, Feit earned his Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership. In 2016, with the approval of his award-winning dissertation, Improving School Performance: Principal Autonomy and Entrepreneurial Orientation, he was awarded his Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.)

Although always interested in politics and the current events of the day, Dr. Feit only forayed into the political arena as a volunteer on some Republican campaigns. While under the legal voting age and just entering college, he joined the College Republicans at FAU and immediately began volunteering for the Bush/Quayle reelection campaign in 1992. Following this, he briefly volunteered during the Jeb Bush gubernatorial campaigns of 1994 and 1998.

Over 20 years later, disgusted by the hyper-polarization and stagnancy of the federal government, Dr. Feit decided the time had come to get involved. Calling himself a "common sense constitutional conservative," he believes members of both parties have allowed themselves to become prisoners of the extremes of their ideologies and lost their capability of negotiating, compromising, and producing results for the American people. His candidacy is about bringing decency back to American politics, serving the needs of his constituents, fighting liberal socialism, ensuring the sustainability of individual liberty, improving the lives of Floridians, and securing a brighter future for Florida.

Reagan Republican.     Constitutional Conservative.      Patriotic American.
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