If elected, I will always...

1. Put Floridians first and represent the best interests of my constituents
2. Fight against liberal socialist policies including open borders and sanctuary cities, wealth redistribution, socialized medicine, decriminalization, and defunding law enforcement.
3. Support pro-growth economic policies by promoting lower taxes and less regulation to stimulate innovation, job creation, and higher salaries.

4. Fight to improve our education system and promote educational equality by expanding school choice and voucher programs, demanding an increase in resources for underserved communities and struggling schools, reforming the standardized testing system, increasing teacher pay, and working to empower local control by decentralizing school districts.

5. Work to lift Floridians out of poverty by reducing government dependency and promoting the implementation of an individual empowerment program to increase investment in historically underserved communities, create more and better paying jobs, and provide training and support for those who leave government assistance to join the workforce.

6. Work to preserve the current Medicare program for our senior citizens and support efforts to reduce healthcare costs through market mechanisms - price transparency, interstate insurance sales, increasing international drug imports, and reforming the private insurance industry. I will always work to protect those with preexisting conditions.

7. Work to promote equal rights and equal treatment under the law for all Floridians.
8. Fight for election integrity and ensuring the votes of all Floridians are protected.
9. Back the Blue, supporting our law enforcement officers and promoting law and order to ensure safe neighborhoods throughout the state.
10. Always work to secure a safe, prosperous, and free future for all Floridians. 
... And I will never be influenced by the woke mob, stand down to the cancel culture, be intimidated by the violent left, be muted by political correctness, or fear standing up for the constitutional rights of all Floridians.

My Patriotic Pledge to the People

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