"Our founding fathers formed a nation with a deliberately constrained federal government, a nation in which individual freedom offered the promise of the American Dream to anyone willing to work for it. Over the years, however, a liberal counterrevolution has been working to smother the Spirit of 1776 and form a 'nanny state,' a nation in which the government believes it knows better how to run your life than you do. We need to stand up and loudly declare that ours is a government of, by, and for the people, and that it exists to serve us, not us to serve it."

Where Does KGF Stand on the Issues?

Individual empowerment over government dependency.
Lower taxes, less spending, balanced budget.
Free market solutions.
Pro-American immigration policies.
Law and order.
School Choice, Education Equality, and Parental Rights.
Election Integrity.


As an educator for almost 25 years, and an educational leadership researcher, I have had the opportunity to experience both the strengths and weaknesses of our state education system. I support increased teacher pay, greater principal autonomy, greater educator involvement in policymaking, school choice, and reforming our schools from indoctrination centers into repositories of independent thinking.​ We need to reform our standardized testing regime to eliminate "teaching to the test" and return our teachers' focus to student learning. I firmly oppose the introduction of critical race theory, the 1619 Project, BLM lessons, and other divisive, anti-American curricula into our educational institutions, and support the implementation of unbiased curricula that provide multiple perspectives and promote independent thinking .


According to the 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." As such, with no mention of education in the Constitution, it is clearly a power reserved for each individual state. As a Constitutional Conservative, I believe the U.S. Department of Education should be abolished, and all questions regarding education should be left to the individual state governments.

My Education Plan:

  • Fund the student, not the school

  • Expand school choice programs

  • Decentralize education authority

  • Empower parents - Education Covenant with Parents

  • Curriculum Reform - focus on critical knowledge, learn from true history, develop life and learning skills, provide multiple perspectives and promote independent thinking

  • Reinvent teacher preparation programs - remove ideological indoctrination and emphasize the development of teaching and learning skills

  • Incentivize teacher development - tuition reimbursement for earning advanced degrees with promise of years of service to public education

  • Increase teacher pay and redesign teacher certification programs

  • Streamline universities - cut 50% of low ROI degrees

  • Make college more affordable - increase merit scholarships; freeze tuition increases; provide interest-free student loans   


In the tradition of the founders' wishes, I believe in smaller, leaner government in all issues involving individual freedom. Thomas Jefferson said during the time the Constitution was being debated, "Congress are not to add taxes ad libitum, for any purpose they please; but only to pay the debts, or provide for the general welfare of the union.” Our leaders in Washington D.C. have not listened to those wise words. We have been overtaxed, the Congress has overspent, and our national debt has ballooned. We need to reduce the tax burden on all tax-paying Americans, provide tax breaks to average Americans looking to start small businesses and create jobs, eliminate wasteful spending, and promote pro-growth economic policies that stimulate innovation, generate wealth, provide new jobs, increase salaries, and generally empower Floridians.

My Plan to help Floridians survive record inflation:

  • Cut gas tax by 50%

  • Institute sales tax holidays for Florida residents

  • Increase domestic energy production - return to American energy independence

  • Prohibit any and all tax increases

  • Freeze fee increases until inflation returns to pre-Biden levels

  • Cut red tape and reduce regulations

  • Insurance and tax reform


We do not have a healthcare problem, we have a health insurance and cost problem. Our healthcare is the greatest in the world, although soaring costs make some services unattainable. It should always be our goal to guarantee every citizen of the United States has affordable healthcare, and pre-existing conditions cannot be used to deny insurance to any citizen. However, the bloated bureaucracies of government do not run any program efficiently or effectively. Therefore, government-run healthcare should not be an option.


My Plan to make healthcare more attainable, more affordable, and more patient-friendly:

  • National health insurance market - private insurance companies provide options across state lines. Increased competition in the market will work to lower premiums

  • Price transparency from medical professionals

  • Pharmaceuticals should be open to purchase internationally, allowing free market forces to regulate costs and make healthcare more affordable

  • Aging with Dignity - more Medicare funding aimed at allowing elderly citizens home health care so they can stay in their homes

  • State uninsured pools - purchasing power lowers premiums


The Earth's climate has periodic episodes of warming, as well as periodic ice ages. Climate change is a natural phenomenon that may be exacerbated by certain human activities. I do not believe, as the liberal socialists have loudly claimed, that we are in a climate crisis with the Earth on the brink of destruction. We do, however, live in a state very affected by environmental changes. We should always support efforts to ensure clean air and water, maintain pristine beaches, protect natural habitats, and secure the sustainability of our environment for generations to come. We can reduce our negative impact on the environment in an economically neutral way, ensuring environmental policy does not have a substantially negative economic impact. I support climate change initiatives that do not completely alter the way we live our lives, such as clean energy innovation, recycling programs, tree-planting programs, pollution reduction initiatives, and transportation modernization.​

My Plan to preserve and protect our environment:

  • Continuous research and innovation in energy production

  • Balanced energy grid: reduced reliance on fossil fuels with increased production of alternative energy sources

  • Limiting urbanization and conserving green zones

  • Expanding recycling programs

  • Increased tree-planting programs in urban and suburban areas

  • Modernization of public transportation systems

  • Increased emphasis on protecting Florida's beaches, waterways, reefs, and wetlands 


America has been a land of immigrants, a place of hope and dreams, since the 1600s. Immigrants have contributed greatly to American society, and our national doors should always remain open to those who choose to come to our shores legally. Unfortunately, the new liberalism supports open borders, with no enforcement of immigration laws - sanctuary cities, free services for illegal aliens, and perks that many American citizens struggle to achieve. We need to secure our borders, increase international cooperation in cracking down on illegal immigration, ban sanctuary cities and prosecute those who refuse to enforce immigration laws, end chain immigration and birth-right citizenship, and always promote policies that support and encourage legal immigration.


Our elected officials in Tallahassee must resist the current administration's efforts to relocate illegal immigrants from Southwestern border states to Florida. Our priority should always be Floridians first, and our healthcare, education, criminal justice, and social services systems cannot be further burdened by adding thousands of undocumented non-citizens.


My Plan to deal with illegal immigration crisis:

  • Secure the border with a modern "wall" - utilize all physical, technological, and human resources to prevent illegal entry

  • Enforce existing immigration laws

  • Ban sanctuary cities and prosecute government officials who refuse to enforce laws

  • Eliminate incentives for illegal entry - no free social services, healthcare, education, etc.

  • Severe penalties for private enterprises who violate immigration laws with hiring and employment practices

  • Immediate expulsion of any illegal immigrants arriving in the state via Biden's immigrant relocation program​ 


The United States was founded as a nation anchored in individual liberty, intentionally designed with a limited government empowered only by the consent of the governed, or we, the people. Our government has grown too big, too powerful, and too intrusive, infringing on the citizens' constitutional rights and subverting the Bill of Rights. It is time that we, the people, take back the power an overreaching federal government has assumed, reinforce our Constitution with liberty-preserving amendments, and hold our elected officials responsible.


My Plan to preserve liberty and protect the people's rights:

  • Add the following amendments to the U.S. Constitution -

    • Congressional term limits​

    • Balanced budget

    • Presidential line item veto

    • Setting number of Supreme Court Justices

  • Revoke Section 230 protections for social media platforms/Big Tech

  • Pass constitutional carry and resist all infringements on our 2A right to bear arms

  • Reinforce due process rights

  • Ban all government health mandates

  • Prevent governments (including local governments) from forcing business and school closures

  • Limit authority of unelected government bureaucrats


Our political system only functions if the people believe their vote matters and that our elections outcomes are determined fairly. Rampant election fraud has resulted in a loss of trust in the American political process, and serious efforts to eliminate fraud, protect the integrity of our elections, and ensure every legal vote counts are needed immediately to safeguard our republic.


My Plan to preserve the integrity of our elections:

  • Require proof of citizenship for voter registration

  • Require photo voter identification for any in-person or absentee balloting

  • Ban ballot harvesting and implement severe penalties for violations

  • Allow mail-in ballots only for military personnel stationed out of voting precinct, those employed out of voting district, and those with proven infirmity

  • Limit ballot drop boxes only to those places where 24 hour security of ballots can be guaranteed

  • Declare election day an annual national holiday

  • Increase number of polling places and election staff

  • Mandate equal representation of political parties in polling places and ballot counting

  • Require continuous counting of ballots once counting has begun without interruption

  • Require uniformity in all counties in regard to ballot procurement and counting procedures

  • All ballots must be received by the close of the polls on election day in order to be counted

  • Limit authority of unelected government bureaucrats

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Why am I running?

Why am I running?
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