A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand...

A new poll found that 70% of Trump supporters condemn the January 6 riot and think the perpetrators are criminals and fools. I have no idea what the other 30% are thinking, but the truth is that most people that voted for Trump are patriotic Americans, as are a majority of those who voted for Biden. On CNN, Don Lemon asserted that anyone who voted for Trump was a racist and a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan. The more elected officials, media, and others with a platform condemn the many for the actions of a few, and continue to divide us based on race, gender, sexuality, political orientation, or anything else, the lesser the chance of healing, unity, and progress on issues of social justice and racial equality. Those who burned buildings, smashed cars, vandalized storefronts, looted, and harassed people in restaurants should be condemned. Those who invaded the capitol building should be condemned. Anyone who assaults our law enforcement, and anyone who commits illegal, destructive, and violent acts in the name of righteousness, anger, or frustration should be condemned and prosecuted. The perpetrators who seized the capitol are traitors, not patriots, but are no more or less guilty of un-American behavior than the perpetrators who seized a portion of Seattle earlier this year or those who threatened federal buildings in other cities. The reasons may have been different, but they were all wrong. It’s time for the majority of Americans who are civil and patriotic - Democrats, Republicans, and Independents - to come together with one standard and condemn anyone who commits such crimes, even if we share their frustration. Donald Trump will soon be a memory, and his supporters and detractors, alike, are going to have to move on if we are ever going to heal. The US survived slavery, civil war, world wars, a Cold War, and more... we can’t let our great nation be torn apart by one man, and our love or hatred of his policies or personality. The Russian hoax is in the past; the insurrection has now past; soon, the Trump era will also have passed. Let’s move on. Together!


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