America Last

After four years of an America first presidency, we find ourselves in the beginning of an America last presidency. President Biden has made it clear that he cares more for foreigners than he does for American citizens, that he cares more for international impressions than American national security, and more for the liberal socialist counterrevolution than for the Constitution. With every stroke of his pen, the president excites our enemies and threatens the future of American prosperity.

Upon being inaugurated, President Biden wasted no time in appeasing his climate activist supporters by announcing the U.S. was reentering the Paris Accord. This despite the fact that the agreement lacks any teeth to enforce the voluntary carbon reduction goals of any member nation, including China and India, who admittedly will not see any carbon reductions until after hitting their peaks in 2030. In the five years since the accord was first signed, greenhouse gas emissions have increased, global temperature has supposedly risen to where 2020 will be among the three hottest years on record, and fossil fuels are still the driving force of developing economies. Emissions cutbacks in advanced economies cannot make up for the allowed increase in emissions from developing economies. This is not to mention that a recent economic report estimates that the U.S could lose $3 trillion in GDP and 6.5 million jobs over the next twenty years due to its entrance into the climate pact. Continuing his war on the American fossil fuel industry, Biden immediately stopped the Keystone Pipeline, banned fracking and drilling on federal land, and consequently eliminated thousands of well-paying American jobs. His anti-fossil fuel executive orders threaten to eliminate our energy independence, make us once again dependent on enemy nations, and drastically increase the price of energy for all Americans. Removing the United States as a net energy exporter emboldens hostile regimes like Russia and Iran who are empowered by less available oil on the international market. Is Biden putting Americans first by potentially eliminating millions of jobs, increasing energy costs, and empowering our enemies with little evidence that his policies will have any significant impact on climate change?

The new administration opened our southern border and invited a surge of immigration that the border patrol was ill-equipped to handle. After finally gaining some control over illegal immigration with the border wall, the “Remain in Mexico” policy, and bilateral agreements with the nations home to a majority of migrants, President Biden has reversed all Trump policies, announced America open to refugees, and extended an invitation to immigrants to illegally cross our borders and get lost in our country. He has reinstituted the Obama administration’s catch and release orders, releasing illegals into American communities and expecting them to voluntarily return for their immigration hearing. There are reports that up to 25% of migrants entering through our southern border could be positive for Covid-19, as 2,900 migrant children have already tested positive, with no testing and extreme overcrowding in housing facilities resulting in no social distancing and little mask wearing. “Kids in cages” has been replaced with “kids in containers,” with thousands of unaccompanied minors relegated to sleeping on top of each other due to a lack of space. Even Mexico’s president has placed blame for the border crisis on Biden’s immigration policies. For weeks, the administration refused to admit there was a crisis, hiding the truth from the American people by refusing reporters’ access to migrant facilities and blatantly lying to the pubic in press conferences. Finally facing the reality of the crisis that they have brought upon the country, the Biden administration just allocated $86 million to put immigrants up in hotel rooms. There are an estimated 85,000 homeless on American streets on any given night, yet the president is spending taxpayer money to host non-Americans in hotels. Make sense?

An extension of the immigration policies that make our country less safe would be Biden’s enthusiasm for dragging the nation back into a nuclear deal with Iran that would not only allow, but actually facilitate the terrorist regime’s development of nuclear weapons. While declaring American citizens, those he deems to be domestic terrorists, as the greatest threat to American national security, Biden offers an olive branch to a terrorist regime that rallies its people with chants of “Death to America.” Let’s be honest, the Iran Nuclear Deal was never going to prevent Iran from acquiring these weapons of mass destruction. First, the U.N. inspectors were not allowed to perform “anytime, anywhere” inspections, with Iran having the ability to delay inspections of suspected facilities for weeks, affording them plenty of time to remove evidence. Secondly, the deal sunsets after 10-15 years, allowing Iran to fast-track their nuclear weapon development at that time, meaning the deal was only a temporary solution. On top of the failures regarding the nuclear program, the deal enriches and empowers Iran, providing the regime with access to excess of $100 billion with which to continue their terrorism exporting operations. And let’s not forget that they believe the United States is the “Great Satan,” and they seek the death of our people and the utter destruction of our way of life. Biden wants to recommit the United States to a deal that would provide Iran the funds to conduct terrorist operations aimed at the United States and Israel. How does this policy prioritize the safety and protection of the American people?

Despite the reality of the negative impact of its policies, the Biden administration is fully intent on using all levers of its power to destroy the American republic. Stepping back from the harsh reality of our national security threatened by open borders and appeasement of our enemies, the withdrawal of the United States as leader of the free world could not be complete without the trauma of liberal socialist economic policies. Rather than follow the pro-growth economic policies of his predecessor, the president insists on conducting a war on wealth and exporting American jobs. Just as Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation led to millions of new jobs, companies returning home, record-low unemployment, and increased income for Americans in all tax brackets, the Biden economic plan is sure to bring further suffering on the back of the Covid-19 pandemic. Not ruling out future lockdowns, Biden is intent on exacerbating economic problems by punishing job creators, increasing the marginal tax rates of higher earners and raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. He insists on repealing much of the Trump tax cuts that were a vital component of economic expansion and GDP growth. He also supports a $15/hr minimum wage, which according to the Congressional Budget Office would result in the further loss of 1.4 million American jobs.

In terms of the national debt, President Biden’s far left agenda is a recipe for disaster. After pushing through a spending bill disguised as Covid relief, adding nearly $2 trillion to an already soaring national debt, Biden plans for trillions more in additional spending. With 90% of the spending including in the Covid relief package not going to Covid relief, but rather liberal priorities, it is hard to claim that the bill was anything but a liberal wish list. Now, the Biden administration is contemplating a $3-4 trillion infrastructure bill that would also serve to disguise further liberal socialist agenda items, including universal pre-k and childcare, free tuition for community colleges, carbon reduction initiatives, and income equality measures. Once again, Biden will be mortgaging the future of America under the guise of needed infrastructure investment, when much of the bill will have no impact on infrastructure. The most terrifying aspect of this administration’s intended spending is that the trillions of dollars discussed so far does not even include the price tags for their remaining Green New Deal and socialized medicine plans. With spending packages that often offer more aid to foreign nations than American citizens, one must question the priorities of our elected officials. No one can claim that ballooning the national debt to the point of faulting, reducing the value of the dollar in international trade, and massive future tax increases and/or draconian spending reductions that will oppress future generations of Americans, is putting them first.

As a candidate, Biden stood by and watched quietly as the safety of American citizens was threatened daily in riots during the summer of 2020, usually hiding in his basement. He failed to condemn the rampant violence and looting until the pressure became too much, and even agreed with defunding the police by promising that he supported the “redirecting” of police funding. He called out those who attacked the capitol as thugs and domestic terrorists, rightfully so, but has never referred to those who burned, looted, and vandalized businesses and federal buildings, those who terrorized innocent Americans on the streets and restaurants of our cities, or those who actually seized control of part of Seattle, in the same vein. As president, he continues to ignore the threats of Antifa and Black Lives Matter while he promotes the narrative that the greatest threat to the United States is white supremacist domestic terrorism. White supremacy is vile and those who ascribe to such racist attitudes are despicable, but that is not the biggest threat to American security. The fact that the President of the United States and other Democrat leaders espouse such nonsense and put ideological narratives ahead of national security endangers all Americans.

If the president really wants to prioritize the well-being of the American people, he would reduce the irresponsible and wasteful spending of the federal government, lower the tax burden on the American people, and balance the federal budget. He would secure our borders, require enforcement of our immigration laws, and reform our immigration system to reduce illegal immigration. His climate efforts would be economically neutral, meaning that no jobs would be eliminated until jobs were created to take their place, and his energy program would include all forms of energy to ensure American energy independence. He would immediately denounce the violent methods of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, treating them as equal threats as those who promote violence on the right, and he would send a clear message that he supports our men and women in law enforcement while ceasing to perpetrate the false narrative of inherent and systemic racism. Finally, the president would need to find a way to balance his desire to embrace our enemies, his attraction to bowing to allies, and his yearning for multilateralism, with an America first mentality that ensures any international agreements, trade deals, or alliances meet the national security needs of the nation and serve the interests of the American people. But that, of course, is only if he chooses to put America first.

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