Are There Fascists Among Us?

What happens when an individual decides to enter public service by running for elective office? The most obvious answer is that the individual becomes a constant target of the opposition, often a victim of falsehoods and baseless accusations. Many times, the candidate’s vision, stances on the issues, and spoken and written word are misinterpreted, either inadvertently or purposefully, leading to further mischaracterization and character assassination. Voter perceptions are reality, regardless of the veracity of the views. In 2022, conservatives have been accused of being fascists and Neo-Nazis, as have I. These are very hurtful accusations, of course unwarranted and miles from the truth, but an examination of the views and actions of constitutional conservatives and liberal socialists in comparison to the fascists of the past, reveal some interesting results...

There are many reasons that leftists will try to label conservatives as fascists, and they use the label as a weapon, much as those on the right use the socialist label to politically damage their opponents on the left. The difference is that in today’s America, the Democrat party has embraced socialist policies, providing support for those claims. The Republican party has not embraced fascism in any way, shape, or form, meaning that the attacks are baseless attempts to slander those with whom the left disagrees. The ignorant may fall prey to such outright lies, as leftists point out that conservatives, like fascists, are anti-marxist, and fascists, like conservatives, support economic policies that favor the wealthy. Many will falsely claim that conservative patriotism is akin to fascist nationalism, that wanting to secure America’s borders and control illegal immigration is the same xenophobic nationalism and hatred of foreigners demonstrated by Hitler. With the election of Donald Trump and the swell of populism within the Republican party, along with the rise of Bernie Sanders and the Squad and the embrace of socialist policies within the Democrat party, there has been a shift in American politics. However, many on the left, including the radicals in the media, promote a false narrative that Trump’s nationalist and populist rhetoric represents a conservative embrace of fascism.

Constitutional conservatives are vehemently anti-socialist, believing strongly in our constitutional republic, representative democracy, American capitalism, free markets and free people. While fascists are generally anti-Marxist, they do not believe in democracy, establishing totalitarian regimes using terror and fear as instruments of control. While constitutional conservatives, like me, are strong proponents of the limited government prescribed by the founding fathers, fascists oppose limits on government power, actually promoting the absolute power of the state and total government control over the lives of the people. Fascists deplore the individual liberty that is constantly and consistently defended by constitutional conservatives, the freedoms and rights that are so essential to the American nation that they are etched into our national spirit and firmly entrenched in our national identity by the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

Fascists promote an economic system known as corporatism, in which the various sectors of industry are organized into state-controlled labor unions. As these unions would control labor contracts and working conditions, the state would therefore assume control of all major industries. This nationalization of industry, while freer than it would be under communism, nonetheless empowers the state at the expense of individuals. Fascists believe in the good of the collective, not the individual, or as Hitler said, “The common good before the individual good.” Conservatives value the American system of free market capitalism and private ownership of the means of production, and they pursue deregulation of the economy. They fight for less government intervention, not more, and conservatives value the rugged individualism of America’s past, encouraging individuals to make it on their own rather than looking for a handout from others.

Conservatives support our governmental framework that includes the separation of powers into three distinct branches with a system of checks and balances between the three. The fascists of Europe in the early to mid-1900s attempted to squash any separation of powers, endeavoring to establish central control of all aspects of society. Hitler and Mussolini claimed the titles of “Fuhrer” and “Duce,” respectively, both meaning “leader,” and in this role, they attempted to control not only all government branches and agencies, but also many institutions previously free of political regulation. Our rights are guarded by an independent judicial system… the German courts under Nazi rule were dominated by Hitler sycophants and Nazi supporters. The Fuhrer, in essence, controlled the courts, just as he did the Reichstag and the party. Today, conservatives are fighting to protect the judiciary’s political independence as leftists attempt to pack the court and create an ideological judiciary, going so far as to consider unconstitutional term-limits for Supreme Court justices, simply to remove conservative textualist judges and replace them with liberal activist judges. Fascists packed the courts with ideological supporters; what is different about what the Democrats are trying to do today? Which more resembles fascist thinking… conservative protection of the court’s political independence or liberal attempts to pack the court?

Fascists utilized the youth in ways unheard of in western democracies. The young of fascist regimes were indoctrinated to believe wholeheartedly in the ideology and belief system of the state, and were taught at very young ages that it was their duty to totally submit to the greater good of the state. The world saw droves of brainwashed young Germans, the Hitler Youth, revel in the ideals of the Nazi regime – hating Jews and believing in Aryan superiority, submitting to Hitler’s anti-intellectual military philosophy, and actually partaking in the defense of the nation during the allied invasion. Hitler believed strongly that indoctrination of the youth into Nazi ideology was critical to his vision of a “thousand-year Reich.” Is this what we are seeing from conservatives today? Or could it be the radical leftists who are following the fascist playbook and indoctrinating our youth? The members of the Nazi party were generally young, more easily won over by the false fascist promises of a fairer, safer, and more prosperous society, much as the Democrats attract young voters with their false claims of equality and fairness. Naïve idealism often leads to political or ideological indoctrination.

The Democrats control the federal government, and the Biden administration has pushed for the implementation of critical race theory, the 1619 Project, Black Lives Matter lessons, and other anti-American revisionist nonsense in our schools’ curricula. Why? The left is attempting to gain control of future generations by brainwashing them into believing that America was never great, that we are an inherently racist nation, that we partake in genocide and are imperialist at heart, and that all members of the white race are oppressors and racist. They encourage Black Lives Matter lessons calling for the disruption of the nuclear family, relying mainly on the community (a.k.a. the state) for support and survival. Much as education in fascist regimes discouraged independent thinking and promoted blind obedience to the fascist ideology of the state, today’s leftists are doing the same in American schools, indoctrinating American children into the woke ideology of liberal socialism. Can anyone honestly say conservatives have attempted the same?

In fascist nations, there are no rights to free speech, free assembly, free worship, due process, or any of the other constitutional rights that conservatives today are fighting to protect. Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, and their fascist kin had no regard for the individual rights of the people, using any and all means at their disposal to promote the power of the state. Fascism is akin to tyranny, to oppression, and to fear. Violence is a regular tactic of fascist regimes… Mussolini’s “blackshirts,” Hitler’s storm troopers, Codreanu’s “death teams…” They regularly used violence to subdue the population, instill fear, and command loyalty. Fascists frequently purged disloyal party members, imprisoned and executed political opposition, and cracked down on the individual rights of the people. The summer of 2020 saw rampant violence in the streets of American cities, with Black Lives Matter and Antifa members rioting, looting, destroying private property, attacking government buildings, and physically intimidating citizens. Those with views that differ from the woke revolutionaries are silenced, ostracized, and punished, corporations and government agencies purge themselves of independent thinkers, and censorship is being used as a weapon to stifle dissent. These fascist tactics are being utilized by the radical leftists in America today, not conservatives. Some might point to the January 6th insurrection, which was one despicable act by a small group of right-wing kooks, not constitutional conservatives. The violence perpetrated by BLM and Antifa is not an outlier, but the approved, promoted, and encouraged behavior of those on the far left.

There are fringe right-wing groups that may be openly fascist, promote fascist ideology, or in many aspects reflect fascist attitudes. These groups are not, and do not represent, conservatives, just as liberal socialists and Marxist groups do not represent traditional liberals. The Ku Klux Klan has no place in the conservative movement, nor does any white nationalist group. Those nationalists who stormed the Capitol are no constitutional conservatives. A true conservative will condemn fascism with the same ferocity that he or she condemns socialism. While there is no comparison to the atrocities committed by the Nazis, if we compare the actions of conservatives and liberals today to those of the fascist regimes of Europe’s past, and do so honestly, we see striking similarities between the fascists and the far-left liberal socialist counterrevolution (woke mob, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, elected Democrats). The counterrevolution seems to prefer the socialist policies of Marx and Lenin, believing that the best way to consolidate power and promote that agenda is by way of fascist tactics. So, while we can, and should, continue to raise concerns regarding the Democrat’s veer to the far, far left and their embrace of socialist policies, we can end the charade that conservatism equates to fascism.

As a common sense constitutional conservative candidate for U.S. Congress, I am running on the following patriotic pledge:

If elected, I will always…

1. Put Americans first and represent the best interests of my constituents

2. Fight against liberal socialist policies including open borders and sanctuary cities, wealth redistribution, socialized medicine, and defunding law enforcement.

3. Support conservative economic policies by promoting lower taxes, responsible spending, and a balanced budget.

4. Fight to improve our education system and promote educational equality by supporting school choice, demanding an increase in resources for underserved communities and struggling schools, and working to empower local control by decentralizing school districts.

5. Work to lift Americans out of poverty by dismantling the liberal welfare state, reducing government dependency, and promoting the implementation of an individual empowerment program to increase investment in historically underserved communities, create more and better paying jobs, and provide training and support for those who leave welfare to join the workforce.

6. Work to preserve the current Medicare program for our senior citizens and support efforts to reduce healthcare costs through market mechanisms - price transparency, interstate insurance sales, increasing international drug imports, and reforming the private insurance industry. I will always work to protect those with preexisting conditions.

7. Work to promote equal rights and equal treatment under the law for all Americans.

8. Fight for election integrity and ensuring the votes of all Americans are protected.

9. Back the Blue, supporting our law enforcement officers and promoting law and order to ensure safe neighborhoods throughout the country.

10. Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

... And I will never be influenced by the woke mob, stand down to the cancel culture, be intimidated by the violent left, be muted by political correctness, or fear standing up for the constitutional rights of all Americans.

I condemn any kind of hate, prejudice, or discrimination, and denounce any attempts to disempower individuals, suppress individual rights, or exert control over an individual’s life. Racism, bigotry, and intolerance of any kind are unacceptable in American society, and every person, as a member of the human race, deserves equal rights and an opportunity to live the American Dream. Yet, I have been called a fascist and a Neo-Nazi. Can someone please point me to anything in my pledge to the voters, or in any of my speeches or writings, that even resembles fascism? Just wondering…

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