Buyer's Remorse?

In the end, the “style over substance election” of 2020 gave us what most of us on the right expected – a liberal socialist administration with the goals of transforming the American republic into a socialist state. Never Trump Republicans, led by The Lincoln Project, willingly campaigned for Joe Biden and against the incumbent Republican administration, despite the administration’s record of cutting taxes, deregulating the economy, explosive job growth, bringing home manufacturing jobs, criminal justice reform, Middle East peace accords, pro-American trade deals, and historically low unemployment for all subgroups of Americans. President Trump was far from perfect, but his administration’s record, pre-Covid, was by all measures, a conservative success. Despite this, many so-called conservatives, disgusted by Trump’s style, speech, and leadership approach, decided that the nation would be better with a far-left, anti-American, liberal socialist, Democrat puppet in power. The substance was not enough to overcome the style. So, if you are a conservative or a Republican reading this, and you voted for the Biden-Harris ticket, do you have any buyer’s remorse yet?

Let’s take a look at what the Never Trumpers helped usher in…

· Massive deficit-spending disguised as Covid relief (The American Rescue Plan Act) and a crippling national debt

· Open borders, catch and release, and a massive immigration crisis at the southern border (executive orders)

· Reentry into the Paris Climate Accord

· Attempting to reestablish Iran nuclear deal, embracing our enemy while forsaking our ally, Israel

· War on fossil fuel and resulting loss of energy independence

· Elimination of thousands of good-paying energy jobs

And this is what the House of Representatives has passed, and Biden supports, awaiting approval in the Senate…

· A war on women’s rights (Equality Act), allowing biological males to compete in female sports and use female-only restroom and locker room facilities

· An assault on religious freedom (Equality Act), compelling citizens to act against their own moral values and religious beliefs

· A massive takeover of elections by the federal government (HR 1), cementing in law the legitimization of election fraud – requiring states to allow ballot harvesting, banning voter ID laws, same-day registration, automatic registration with no proof of citizenship required, universal mail-in ballots without request, just to name a few.

This is all in less than two months!

So, a national debt spiraling out of control as never before, gas and electric prices soaring, and uncontrolled immigration, just to start. One must wonder what this administration can accomplish for their leftist interest groups, Marxist activists, and labor union cronies over the next three plus years. Yet, many conservatives, Republicans, independents, and moderate democrats voted for this agenda, all out of hatred of one man. Is it worth Americans struggling to heat or cool their homes and driving to and from work to have less “distasteful tweeting?” Is it worth allowing Iran to get a nuclear weapon in order to have a more considerate “gentleman” in the White House? Is it worth less rights, less freedom, and less control over our own lives just to bring down a president who did not behave as those who preceded him or in manners that we always approved?

Many voted for Biden’s style over Trump’s substance, so for those individuals, I am just wondering… was it worth it?

Never Trump Republicans, and those who voted for style over substance, gave the Marxist media exactly what they needed to propel a weak puppet into the White House. They gave opinion columnists quotes to inject dissension into the ranks of republican and independent voters, and they gave broadcast “journalists” (I use that term extremely lightly) sound bites to foment dissatisfaction with the Republican standard-bearer. From these quotes and soundbites, and paid ads from the Lincoln Project, the media gave the people a narrative of a president who didn’t take Covid seriously and cared little for the suffering of Americans, who disrespected the men and women of our armed forces, who supported tyranny while turning his back on democracy, and who threatened the democratic foundations of the American republic. We saw and heard countless “experts” who dispelled any hope of a Covid vaccine on the timeline expressed by President Trump, yet it happened faster than anyone thought possible. Biden will reap the glory for the vaccine that President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed sowed, but if we followed the lead of candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, there would be no vaccine, no therapeutics, and no hope for any return to normalcy for years. Yet Biden’s style was still more attractive than Trump’s substance.

I have never and will never begrudge any citizen’s right to vote for any individual whom they feel would make the best president, but I do take fault with those who would vote for a candidate that represents everything he or she is against. To vote for a presidential candidate because you do not like the style of his or her opponent, although it is the opponent who stands for the policies in which you believe is, as they say, “cutting off your nose to spite your face.” There are Republicans for whom I could never vote, and Democrats whom I would consider. My vote will always go to the individual that best represents my political leanings – lower taxes, responsible spending, a balanced budget, and American capitalism, for instance. I will never vote for a tax and spend liberal, a wealth redistributionist, or a socialist. It doesn’t matter who is nicer, more professional, or more polished… I will always support substance over style.

If we follow up 2020 with elections in 2022 and 2024 that further empower the Biden-Harris administration, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the democrats in Congress, leftist activists, cancel culturalists, the woke mob, and the liberal socialist counterrevolution, then we will not recognize the nation we leave for our children and grandchildren. We have already gotten a glimpse of a future America under liberal socialist rule. A vote for democrat policies and leftist ideals is a vote for higher taxes, irresponsible spending, a crippling national debt, wealth redistribution, open borders and sanctuary cities, election fraud, youth indoctrination, abortion-on-demand, political correctness run amuck, cancel culture, defunding police and border patrol, decriminalization, closing the prison system, and anarchy in our streets. Democrats might sometimes have better style, they might provide more “compassionate” soundbites, and may successfully portray their policies as pro-American and pro-people, but does the substance behind their speech constitute the America we envision for future generations?

In 2020, The Lincoln Project and Never Trump Republicans sided with leftists, socialists, and democrats to forsake substance for style. If Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represent your politics, then by all means, continue to support the liberal socialism we have begun to see gaining steam in Washington D.C. If, however, you are anything but a leftist, socialist, or Marxist (whatever term you prefer), then don’t make the mistake of following the lead of charlatans, don’t support a candidate out of hatred for another, and don’t vote for style over substance. Once you get past the style, and reap the consequences of the substance, you will most certainly have buyer’s remorse.

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