Cancelling the Republic

Updated: Apr 5

There is a move afoot, and patriotic, freedom-loving Americans everywhere should be very concerned. The assault upon the foundations of our republic is no longer disguised, but out in the open for all to see. The continued relevance of the Constitution is threatened as the separation of powers ceases to exist, activist judges promote personal values and ideology over law and precedent, the Supreme Court cowers from its constitutional responsibility, and Mad King Joseph I reigns with the power of the pen via executive order. The Bill of Rights has seemingly been suspended by the liberal socialist counterrevolution now presiding over the White House and both branches of Congress, as freedom of speech, worship, and assembly are challenged, the onslaught against the second amendment worsens, due process for accused men has been all but nullified, and the federal government seeks to abolish states’ rights with election law overreach. The destruction of the American republic is the goal of anti-American leftists and Marxist activist groups hoping to establish a socialist state, and we now have a government synergetic with their movement.

The free and independent press required of democratic states has all but disappeared in the United States. Journalists are now operatives for the democrat party, and they have assumed roles as ideologically driven activists, intent on pushing specific narratives rather than presenting multiple perspectives and informing the public. Print and broadcast executives are in lockstep with the liberal socialist counterrevolution - silencing dissent, quashing debate, facilitating a biased agenda, exploiting the public’s fears, and shielding the American people from the truth. Propaganda is the new medium of the press, with truth and fairness taking a back seat to personal agendas and ideological passions.

Leading democrat voices, media personalities, and anti-American activists cheered the social media giants’ censorship of anti-liberal socialist commentary as they suspended and permanently closed accounts, banned Donald Trump, and suppressed conservative speech. There are continued efforts to pressure media broadcast companies to remove right-leaning networks like FoxNews, Newsmax, and OANN from their services, further attempting to silence conservative voices and shield the American public from a fair and balanced presentation of current events and political happenings. In dictatorships, the press and governmental information offices are one and the same, with only the government-fueled narrative presented to the public. What is different now in the United States, as the media and Big Tech blatantly assisted the Biden campaign by suppressing the Hunter Biden scandal and censoring the Trump campaign, and now works in concert with Biden’s press office in propagating false narratives that support the administration’s agenda?

As do all tyrannies, the fall of the American republic is being facilitated by the exploitation of perceptions of a non-existent threat. The Democrats are using the January 6 capitol riot as the predicate for establishing a military presence in the nation’s capital and ascribing an enemy of the state label to a certain group of citizens. In Bolshevik Russia, it was the bourgeoise. In Nazi Germany, it was the Jews. In present-day America, it is Trump supporters. By playing to the narrative of Trump’s MAGA supporters as domestic terrorists seeking to overthrow the elected government, the Democrats are using fear tactics and propaganda to seize emergency powers, expand government authority, and limit individual liberty. Think about it… our capital is under military occupation, certain segments of the population are being surveilled and investigated because of political allegiances, speech is being censored, and actions are being taken to strengthen the hold of the party in power. Does that sound democratic? How often do tyrants who are granted temporary emergency powers ever relinquish them? Why is it that the National Guard units in Washington D.C., that were supposed to leave in March, have been extended to May? Tyranny seizes power, it does not relinquish it.

Even more blatant is the attempt to steal a House seat. In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Democrats in the House are also attempting a coup. It’s not a presidential coup, but it is a coup, nonetheless. They fear losing their grip on power in 2022 with the partisan makeup of the House of Representatives closer than it has ever been. They are legitimately engaged in an effort to remove Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who won the 2020 congressional election in Iowa’s 2nd congressional district by only 6 votes, in favor of her defeated opponent, Rita Hart. Hart, rather than challenging the results in court, took her plea directly to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, in requesting the overturning of election results. The Republican won the original election, won the recount, and was the declared winner after the state of Iowa certified the election results. She was sworn in with the other members of the 2020 congressional class and has served in the chamber since then. Now, the Democrats openly flirt with dictatorship as they debate whether or not to subvert democracy, reverse the decision of the voters of Iowa, “overthrow” a duly elected Republican member of the House of Representatives, and “install” a Democrat replacement. Pelosi admitted her dictatorial nature when she said, "Now, If I wanted to be unfair, I wouldn't have seated the Republican from Iowa because that was my right on the opening day. I would've just said 'you're not seated,' and that would've been my right as Speaker to do." According to the speaker, she has the authority to overrule the vote of the people and the certification of the state, and appoint whomever she deems fit to serve as an “elected” member of the House. Nancy Pelosi believes she has dictatorial powers. With an attitude like that and efforts like this, why should we expect fair elections and responsible, democratic leadership? Is this the United States of America or some third-world banana republic?

Just as sure as the founding fathers led a revolution against the British in the 1700s, establishing the United States of America as a constitutional republic, there is a counterrevolution in the 2020s seeking to overthrow the republic, rewrite the Constitution, and establish a new Socialist States of America. The policies of today’s Democrat party are clear – Green New Deal, socialized medicine, anti-police reform, election-rigging, mass amnesty for illegal aliens, wealth redistribution, and America last foreign policy. The goal is to destroy the American soul and lessen resistance to liberal socialist rule through disempowerment, dependence, and delusion. The counterrevolutionaries seek total dependence on an all-powerful and controlling government, restrictions on individual liberty, and the creation of a collective that embraces equity, rather than equality. Equal opportunity would be replaced with equal outcomes. Shared mediocrity would replace individual excellence. Survival would replace success. This is an agenda meant to subvert American democracy, destroy American capitalism, and create a system of one-party socialist rule. Americans everywhere should heed the wise words of Winston Churchill, who warned the House of Commons in 1945, “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” The counterrevolution will most certainly transform the American dream into a socialist nightmare.

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