Crisis of Opportunity

Earlier in the year, I introduced my readers to the philosophy of former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who said in 2008, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. I mean, it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” Reflect on these words when you think about the current situation at the southern border. Is it a crisis… or an opportunity?

Those of us who have America’s best interests in our minds and hearts, believe the situation at the southern border is a dire crisis and needs immediate attention. President Biden, however, obviously sees no urgency, appointing Vice President Kamala Harris to handle the border “challenge,” with the vice president AWOL on the issue. She has yet to visit the border, and in the 40 days since being appointed, she has held exactly zero press conferences. Her big contribution thus far is a couple of zoom meetings with the leaders of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, the same countries to which Biden wants to give $4 billion as a plan to stem illegal immigration. Why is this administration not eager to end this crisis, especially with low poll numbers resulting?

The answer could be very simple. Remember, according to Emanuel, a crisis is an opportunity. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to do things “you could not do before.” So, our American crisis is an opportunity to do what couldn’t ever have been dreamed of a few short years ago – consolidate one party rule. This administration and their cronies in Congress do not want to end this crisis because they want millions of illegals entering the country. The more the merrier, as after their massive amnesty legislation, all those who broke our laws to come here illegally will be rewarded with citizenship. As citizens, they will have the right to vote, and the Democrats are planning on a very large, and very loyal constituency among those who were formerly illegal. This is why they also support sanctuary cities, want to eliminate Customs and Border Protection, and refuse to secure our borders or enforce our immigration laws.

It does not matter that the massive influx will put further strain on our already struggling education, health care, and social services systems. It doesn’t matter that there will be less opportunity for Americans, or that we are losing our sovereignty. The only thing that matters is exploiting the situation, a crisis of their own making, to cement their party in power and advance the radical socialist agenda. This has been the only purpose of the liberal socialists’ puppet administration – to destroy the Republican party, lie to the American people, ostracize conservatives and patriots by labeling them white supremacists, and advance American socialism in a one-party state. Just look at the evidence…

Every bit of legislation proposed has had the goal of increasing government influence over the people, restricting individual liberty, and promoting the demise of the American republic. HR 1 is an election fraud bill, attempting to subvert the Constitution with a federal takeover of elections. Republican state legislatures and governors have proposed, and some have signed into law, election reforms that they say, “make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.” The Democrats are pushing legislation that would make it both easier to vote (for noncitizens, unregistered voters, felons, etc.) and easier to cheat. The left wants to win elections by any means necessary, and it doesn’t matter if the votes they receive are legal or illegal. They seem believe a vote is a vote, whether the voter is a citizen or not, whether the voter is dead or alive, or whether the voter has voted multiple times or in multiple states… any path to power.

The eager push for statehood for the nation’s capital is nothing more than a power grab. This is why the Democrats will also later push for statehood for Puerto Rico. These two municipalities are extremely left politically and overwhelmingly support Democrat candidates. D.C. statehood would give the democrats an additional two senate seats, and Puerto Rico would provide another two, along with representatives and electoral votes. The left-wing leaders of the democrat party don’t even care that this would be unconstitutional, as the District of Columbia was carved out specifically to be the nation’s capital and free of control from any one state. Justice Departments of various presidential administrations have concluded that D.C. could only become a state via constitutional amendment, as according to the Constitution, only Congress is to have authority over the seat of national government. Constitutional subversion, however, has never been beyond the reach of the radicals aiming to destroy the American system.

Not even the independence of the judiciary is immune to the Democrat thirst for power or the left’s hunger for radical upheaval. Leftists support packing the court, adding as many activist judges as necessary to take control of the Supreme Court and provide the Democrats with absolute control of the federal government. This is necessary because so many of the radical socialist agenda items are unconstitutional, and the leftists need a court willing to decide cases on their personal ideologies and values rather than the Constitution, precedent, and laws of the land. President Biden is also considering term limits for justices, which would be another violation of the Constitution. We have seen our government flirt with unconstitutional extension of governmental powers and supersede their authority with draconian lockdowns and restrictive pandemic measures… imagine this occurring even in peaceful, non-pandemic times, and having a compliant court unwilling to enforce our Constitutional liberties and protect our rights.

Even tools used with impunity over the past few years by the Democrats, themselves, now must be abolished because of a “racist” past. In the Senate, after using the filibuster hundreds of times to thwart President Trump’s agenda and republican legislation, Majority Leader Schumer and his democrat colleagues have come to an epiphany – the filibuster is a “relic of Jim Crow.” Now that they are in power and the filibuster presents a barrier to the implementation of their radical agenda, it is an instrument of racism and must be eliminated. The same people who have defended the filibuster in the past, including President Biden, are now calling for its end, all for political expediency. They are leaving nothing to chance in their quest for absolute power. Hypocrisy has never hindered the left. The only truth that matters to a radical liberal socialist is the truth of the moment.

“Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and their comrades have control of both houses of Congress and the White House and they have become drunk on power. Biden, who promised to be the great uniter, has shown more deference for advancing his supporters’ radical agenda than for compromising on potentially beneficial legislation. Pelosi continues to advance bill after bill without a single Republican vote, and Schumer insists all options are on the table as he also refuses to engage his Republican counterparts. The left is willing to do anything to obtain and maintain power – ethics are of no concern; morality means little; what’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right in the quest for absolute power. Crisis is code speak for opportunity, and the left is intent on making the most of every opportunity to subvert the Constitution and create a one-party socialist state.

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