Everything is Not Black and White

Let’s be real… the left has no desire to eliminate racism. In fact, they are promoting it! In 2021, everything is about race, and the worst thing to be is white. It’s sad, but those critical race theorists who claim to be anti-racist are promoting the hatred and vilification of one race. Corporate training sessions are “educating” employees on how their whiteness is a flaw and students are being taught to hate themselves if they are part of the oppressive white race. Those who claim to be fighting against the remnants of slavery and segregation, those supposedly averse to intolerance, discrimination, and hatred, are now promoting a movement to denigrate members of a specific race because of the color of their skin. It seems that the left is looking for revenge, not justice, seeking to promote racial animosity and prejudice toward white people, rather than racial healing, equality, and unity.

We can never, and should never, overlook the harsh reality of Black America’s past. After all, as Winston Churchill said, “those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” We must always remember and learn from slavery, the Holocaust, Jim Crow, economic catastrophes, pandemics, and other traumatic events in human affairs so that we can ensure present and future generations never repeat the failures and endure the same suffering as those in the past. However, we also must be mindful not to turn yesterday’s suffering of one people into today’s persecution of another, and we can’t reverse the wrongs of the past by promoting hatred and sowing division in the present. Can we call out those among us who ignorantly peddle hatred, discrimination, and intolerance, without condemning entire populations? Why not? Can we overcome the tremendous pain of the past without inflicting egregious pain on people in the future? Hopefully. Standing against racism is noble and right; being woke is an extreme that only fosters further animosity and division.

Coca Cola held a “Confronting Racism” course for employees in which they were asked to be “less white.” It was expressed that white people feel superior to people of color simply because of the color of their skin, and that to be less white they had to “be less oppressive” and “break with white solidarity.” Whites were portrayed negatively as “arrogant” and “ignorant” among many other unflattering descriptors. The company claims the training was not mandatory, but why is that of any consequence? Would it be ok to hold a voluntary “Be less black” training workshop? Of course not! The values individuals hold cannot be identified by the color of one’s skin and their behaviors cannot be predicted by their level of pigmentation. We can no more likely assume that whites are prideful and believe they are superior than we can assume that blacks are humble and believe they are inferior. It is not necessary for one to have been a victim of racism to be able to understand it, identify it, and oppose it. Woke corporations are not helping race relations by caving to the race-baiting, far-left radicals any more than if they were complying with the Ku Klux Klan… extremes are the enemy of unity.

The woke wave is not limited to corrupt corporations. The Biden administration is imploring school systems to legitimize racist teachings disguised as “anti-racism,” teaching young children that the color of an individual’s skin determines whether he or she is an oppressor or a victim. Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, is a radical race theorist, purposely recruiting “woke” teachers as Commissioner of Education in Connecticut. Long before being employed by Coca Cola and other woke corporations, American children will be learning that “To be less white is: to be less oppressive, to be less arrogant, to be less trusting, to be less defensive, to be less ignorant, to be more humble, to listen, to believe, to break with apathy and break with white solidarity” (from Confronting Racism training). Alongside learning that white people are responsible for all racism, all ills of the world, and that all whites are oppressors, students will be taught that the United States is an inherently racist nation, founded only by the desire to maintain slavery, and all aspects of American society continue to be systemically racist. Not only that, but as anti-racist "intellectual," Ibram Kendi contends, “in order to truly be antiracist, you also have to truly be anti-capitalist,” our children will be indoctrinated into a Marxist ideology that condemns capitalism.

Christopher Rufo of the Discovery Institute has noted the implementation of CRT already seen in some school districts. Seattle teachers were called “colonizers of ancestral lands,” and it was demanded that they “bankrupt [their] privilege in acknowledgement of [their] thieved inheritance.” They were flat out told that they must reject their whiteness and become true anti-racist educators. Further down the coast, Sand Diego schoolteachers were also submitted to training accusing them of being “colonizers,” and “racists.” It was recommended that they undergo “antiracist therapy” due to their “upholding racist ideas, structures, and policies.”

Teachers in both districts were put through training in which they were accused of “spirit murder” of black children, which is defined by CRT expert, Bettina Love, as schools murdering “the souls of Black children every day through systemic, institutionalized, anti-Black, state-sanctioned violence.” During these training sessions, teachers are taught that schools “don’t see blacks as humans,” are systemically “anti-black,” and that in deeply racist America, only blacks “know who America really is.” According to Love, teachers are guilty of facilitating “a death that is built on racism and intended to reduce, humiliate, and destroy people of color.” She preaches that poverty, lack of jobs, failing schools, and all other suffering of people of color results from whiteness, and that teachers own the failures because their privileges come from “white supremacy culture.”

This is the racist nonsense that white students and employees are being subjected to today, blamed for all miseries afflicting people of color, shamed for privilege derived from the oppression of those same people, and responsible for righting their wrongs by accepting guilt, denouncing their whiteness, and submitting to a “black” view of America and the world. White people are being forced to accept that they are oppressors and colonizers, a genocidal and parasitic race that has benefited only by its continued subjugation of people of color, and that they have only succeeded as a result of the inherent systemic racism deeply engrained in the soul of the nation. If anyone dares dissent from the woke “reality,” he or she will be cancelled – terminated, ostracized, disparaged, and the radical left hopes, forgotten.

The streets are no freer of critical race theory than our schools. Every time a young black man is killed by police, we are expected to believe that it was a result of racial hatred, the culmination of efforts of the systemically racist criminal justice system to eliminate black lives. Doesn’t that sound preposterous? Black Lives Matter would have you believe that police systematically target and hunt down innocent young black men to terminate. When white men are killed by black police officers, is that getting even? Leftists would have us believe, even though far more whites are killed in conflicts with police officers than blacks, that it is the black population that is specifically targeted. According to the woke mob, law enforcement exists only to hold down minorities, specifically to suppress people of color.

Elected officials no longer even attempt to hide their discrimination. President Biden stresses his desire to focus on racial justice and equity with his attempts at affirmative action favoring people of color in every piece of legislation. The $2 trillion spending bill that was called Covid relief included $5 billion of loan relief to farmers of color, while white farmers were left to fend for themselves. Many liberal state and local leaders called for vaccine distribution to be prioritized for minorities to jump to the head of the line, regardless of pre-existing conditions or age. The mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, openly announced that she will only grant interviews with “black or brown journalists,” excoriating the city for not dealing with institutional racism amidst the “overwhelming whiteness” of the press corps. These are examples of racism disguised as compassionate efforts to deal with the so-called inherent systemic racism of the American republic. It is the dominant power of critical race theory that currently pervades the Democrat party and is overwhelmingly supported by white liberals who seem to loathe themselves.

Racism does not belong to one race; it is not a value that one inherits genetically with the color of one’s skin. Racism is part of a personal value system that belongs to the individual, one that is fostered by the environment in which one grows and matures, and one that is promoted and encouraged by personal influences and experiences. A white child who grows up in a family void of racist beliefs, who attends school with a diverse population in which he or she experiences positive interactions with children of color, will most likely grow up with far less racist tendencies than a black child who grows up in a family hateful of whites who has seen and heard only negative interactions with white people. Of course, the opposite is also true. For racial equality to ever be achieved, members of all races must be sure that positive private and personal conversations combat the negativity and hatred of the public conversation, and that the sins of the past are forgiven while never being forgotten. We can all agree on the wrongs of the racism in our past; the question is… can we come together on how to extinguish it in the future?

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,” is a slogan commonly associated with white supremacy. It is as wrong as saying “racist is a code word for white.” Just as we should not condemn all white people as racists and oppressors because of the color of their skin, we cannot accuse all those who claim to be anti-racist of being white haters, despite what we have heard from leading anti-racists. We have gotten where we are today because we have allowed extremes on both sides to dominate the public conversation. We must drown out the noise from the Nation of Islam, the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, and other far-left groups just as surely as we condemn the vitriol spewed by white supremacist groups. Slavery, black codes, Jim Crow, segregation were all morally wrong; so is teaching critical race theory to our children, as is corporations conducting anti-white training workshops. We cannot come together by forcing each other further apart; we cannot unite while continuing to divide ourselves along the lines of skin color. How can the answer to racism and bigotry be to simply reverse the direction of those evil beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors? Do we want racial equality or revenge? Do we want a level playing field or one tilted in the other direction? It is probable that most Americans truly seek equality and fairness, but it seems that if you are a leftist, you believe that revenge is justice, and the best way to promote justice is by furthering injustice.

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