Fool Me Once, Shame on You. Fool Me Twice...

With the Democrat walkout in Texas, election reform is back in the news! We live in a strange time, when any effort made to strengthen the security of our democratic elections process is labeled voter suppression, and attempts to legalize voter fraud are considered election integrity measures. When one looks at the purveyors of what is today considered news (would be considered propaganda by past standards), it is not surprising that the American people are being misled and lied to, but let’s be real… voter ID laws are not an attempt to bring back Jim Crow, banning ballot harvesting is not suppressing the minority vote, and mass mail-in voting without requiring ballots to be requested is not making our elections more secure. The false Democrat narrative needs to be revealed for what it truly is – an outright attempt to fool the American people into believing that the left wants secure elections and the right wants to determine who votes. When one looks at the two sides, who truly supports election integrity and who hopes to make election fraud easier and more rampant?

Republicans support voter ID laws, requiring all voters to present identification in order to vote, whether in person or by mail. They also oppose ballot harvesting, believe ballot boxes must be secured, and mail-in ballots need to be requested. Democrats decry such laws, case in point the new Georgia election law, as voter suppression, with President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Schumer, and sore-loser, non-conceding Stacey Abrams among others, promoting them as “Jim Crow 2.0,” “Jim Crow in the 21st Century,” and “Jim Crow on steroids.” In Texas, Democrat state legislators walked out of the legislative session to prevent the chamber from having a quorum, temporarily killing Republican efforts at election reform. The same party that has been threatening to kill the Senate filibuster in Washington to eliminate any power for the minority party is using desperate measures to prevent legislation from becoming law. Precedent is powerful, and the Democrats have just provided the precedent for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to do the same for federal legislation once the Democrats kill the filibuster.

The following should be a part of any election reform efforts:

· Voter ID laws

· Standardized vote counting procedures

· Continuous vote-counting (once vote counting has begun it cannot be interrupted)

· Absentee ballots received before election day must be counted prior to election day

· Banning Ballot Harvesting

· Absentee (Mail-in) ballots only for those stationed overseas, out of district, and those infirmed or disabled, and only with identification

· Absentee ballots must be received by election day deadline to be counted

· Ballot boxes located only in election offices or in locations under 24-hour protection

· Citizenship verification for voter registration

· Annual revisions of voter rolls

Let’s be clear… Requiring identification prevents fraud; it does not prevent minorities from voting. Banning ballot harvesting prevents fraud; it does not prevent minorities from voting. Requiring ballot boxes to be secured prevents fraud; it does not prevent minorities from voting. Requiring absentee ballots to be requested prevents fraud; it does not prevent minorities from voting. Requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote prevents fraud; it does not prevent American citizens from voting. When Democrats pull out the race card, they are demonstrating the desperation behind their efforts to legalize election fraud.

Over three-fourths of the American public favors requiring identification to vote, including upwards of 70% of minorities who agree. What would be the reason to allow individuals to vote without having to present identification? I can think of some… to allow unregistered voters to vote, to allow individuals to vote under another’s name, to allow illegal aliens to vote, to allow individuals to vote more than once, to allow dead people to vote… just to name a few. Which side is supporting election integrity, and which is attempting to allow election fraud?

Look at the issues Democrats have with recent legislation… in Georgia, stricter voter ID requirements, banning politicking in lines at the polls, requiring individuals to request an absentee ballot, and requiring individuals to vote at the correct polling place are labeled Jim Crow and voter suppression. In Texas, they oppose Republican efforts to eliminate drive-thru voting (which only existed in 2020 due to Covid-19), to require individuals to request a mail-in ballot, and to empower poll watchers. The major argument of the left is that enhancing election security makes it more difficult to vote, especially for minorities. Why should we believe this is true? Is it too much to ask a voter to present Identification? Is it a hardship for a voter to request an absentee ballot? Is asking voters to go to the correct polling location unreasonable? Voting is our most basic right, and it is critical that all eligible American citizens have the ability to cast their ballot and have their voice heard. No elected official should ever try to, in any way, prohibit voting or present an unnecessary obstacle to casting a vote, and they should do everything they can to ensure that all legitimate votes are counted. That means that they must also be diligent in enacting legislation that prevents voter fraud and protects the integrity of our elections.

Not only are the Democrats opposing common sense election integrity efforts, but they are blatantly attempting to root fraud in our supposedly secure elections. The “For the People Act,” which attempts to usurp the electoral authority of state legislatures by federalizing elections, bans election security and promotes election fraud. The legislation would ban states from requiring identification for voting… yet would require states to legalize ballot harvesting. It would also require states to mail out ballots to all voters, even if not requested and even if unwanted, further opening up the system to the return of fraudulent ballots. Democrats are pushing for same day and online voter registration, meaning it would be impossible to certify that those registering are actually citizens. Even worse, they are pushing for automatic voter registration (AVR), taking away the citizen’s right to choose whether or not to register to vote, and further removing potential safeguards against fraudulent registration. Senator Ted Cruz and former Vice President Mike Pence have both railed against AVR for opening the electoral system to registering millions of noncitizens to vote in American elections. Confirming their concerns, the Chicago Tribune reported that errors in Illinois’ AVR system resulted in 545 noncitizens being registered to vote in Champaign County in 2018, with a handful potentially casting votes. A small number, for sure, but certainly an example of the dangers of AVR, and are there other instances that have not been reported?

The 2020 election was not unusual in the presence of anecdotal evidence of voter fraud, but the widescale irregularities called the legitimacy of the election into question. We are supposed to believe that the most uninspiring candidate in American history, who also happened to campaign less than any modern American presidential candidate, received 81 million votes. We are supposed to overlook the last-minute changes to election law, the disregard for constitutional authority, the lack of enforcement of ballot requirements, the interruptions in ballot counting, and the mysterious middle-of-the-night ballot dumps, and accept that this was the most secure election in U.S. history. This does not mean that the election was stolen or that President Biden did not actually win the presidency, but it does mean that there are legitimate questions raised regarding the integrity of future elections. Efforts to ensure the integrity of our elections and ensure that all votes are legal, and all voters have the ability to vote, should be applauded and supported. Efforts to lessen election security and open our elections to massive fraud should be denounced and opposed. Increased voter turnout does not automatically indicate fraud any more than lower turnout immediately signifies voter suppression. We should encourage all eligible voters to cast votes while at the same time ensuring that ineligible voters do not cast votes. Election integrity reform should include proof of citizenship for registration, proof of identification for voting, absentee ballots only upon request and for valid reasons, ballot boxes only in secure locations, a ban on ballot harvesting, and criminal prosecution of those election officials who fail to uphold election laws. Most Republican efforts at election reform are legitimate security measures. Can the same be said of the Democrats’ “For the People Act?” Our elected officials need to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat!

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