Racial Equality Cannot Be Achieved By Race-Baiting

Lebron James, perhaps the foremost race-baiter in the United States today, claims that the riots in the capitol on January 6, 2021 clearly demonstrated that there are “two Americas.” He claims that if the rioters were black, they would have been treated much more harshly, shot on site, in fact, and he blames President Trump for the storming of the capitol building. Has he ever denounced Black Lives Matter leaders who called for burning down the system and encouraged looting as a form of reparations, for the riots and looting that occurred? Perhaps Lebron should place blame for national violence at the feet of Representative Ayanna Pressley, who declared, “…there needs to be unrest in the streets...,” or Kamala Harris who, as cities burned, provided encouragement, saying “protesters should not let up,” or even Barack Obama, who told Americans that to make real change they had to “…make people in power uncomfortable.” Or maybe he should look in the mirror and contemplate how his derisive words about law enforcement may have led to violence against police officers.

Hypocrisy on the left is nothing new, nor is using race for political gain. President-elect Biden called those who protested in Washington D.C. on January 6th, “domestic terrorists” and “thugs.” Not untrue, and I actually support such a strong condemnation, but what labels did he use to describe the Black Lives Matter and Antifa mobs that burned buildings, vandalized public property, and verbally and physically accosted people on the streets and in restaurants? Of January 6 he said, “Don’t dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists. It’s that basic. It’s that simple.” Again true… but they were protestors that burned American cities under the BLM and Antifa banners?

The same group of liberal democrat politicians and their crooked allies in the mainstream media who defended the mob violence of the summer and fall of 2020 as peaceful protest and denounced the actions of police officers doing their jobs, now demand that those who charged the capitol be charged. The biased media, always tagging their coverage of the BLM/Antifa riots with the caveat that they were “mostly peaceful protesters” now disregard the fact that most of the tens of thousands of Trump supporters in Washington, D.C. did not participate in the violence. The actions of the individuals who participated in the insurrection and attacked the police were indefensible. They should be charged. They should be prosecuted and punished as severely as the law allows. So to, however, should those who rioted, and looted, and harassed, and assaulted during the “peaceful protests” in Minneapolis, Portland, New York, and other cities across the country.

How did the Democrats treat those who broke the law during those riots? They didn’t condemn those actions until public pressure forced them to do so, and then only did so begrudgingly and timidly. They didn’t want to admit to the American people that much of the racial tension results from the words and actions of Black Lives Matter, and much of the violence perpetrated against our law enforcement arises from their inciteful rhetoric. The truth must be that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden actually supported all the violence and destruction at the hands of BLM and Antifa. How else can one interpret the fact that the campaign bailed out those who were arrested for participating in those law-breaking activities?

Joe Biden claimed repeatedly throughout the campaign that he wanted to be a uniter, a president for all Americans. He plainly declared, "I will seek to heal the racial wounds that have long plagued this country — not use them for political gain." He has not yet been inaugurated, and he has already begun his march toward division, declaring two sets of standards – one for black America and one for white America; one for his supporters and another for Trump supporters. His running mate, Kamala Harris, offered much of the same, stating, "We witnessed two systems of justice when we saw one that let extremists storm the United States Capitol, and another that released tear gas on peaceful protesters last summer." Their words promote the theory of white privilege and ostensibly echo the sentiments of Georgia Senator-elect Raphael Warnock, who said that our nation “must repent for our worship of whiteness.” Trump has been excoriated for his divisive speech, yet nothing is made of Biden and Harris stoking racial tension, claiming the Trump protesters were treated differently than the BLM and Antifa protesters earlier in the year. He insinuated once again that we are a racist nation, that our law enforcement is inherently racist, and that angry white people are the enemy of democracy. If you are angry and black, you have a right to vandalize and destroy, and you are only fulfilling your democratic rights, but if you are white and angry, you are a thug and a domestic terrorist, and deserving of the cruelest of punishments.

The hypocrisy will never stop flowing from the mouths of those on the left, nor will their attempts to divide the American people along the lines of race, gender, ethnicity, or sexuality be halted. For decades, the Democrat party has used race-baiting to win elections, playing the race card with impunity. Just as the old white southern Democrats fought for slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation, the new diverse liberal socialists seek to enflame racial tensions to maintain power. They have greenlighted and gaslighted racism by emboldening those who would use race for political or personal gain. Racism and discrimination of any kind are despicable, as are the actions of those who would use the pain endured by past generations to promote a political agenda today. Racism still exists, and it is not the province of one party, one ideology, or one race. Discrimination is not bound by political ideology or the color of one’s skin. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Lebron James, and the rest of the liberal socialist counterrevolution can speak of a double standard, and they may be right. It just might not be the one they describe.

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