Land That I Love

The American flag is a symbol of freedom and liberty throughout the world. People from foreign lands far and near see that flag unfurled, blowing in the wind, and know that the land it represents is the home of representative democracy, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Most Americans see the flag as a symbol of patriotism and democracy, although many do not respect the nation it represents. Disrespecting the flag is disrespecting the country. The burning of the American flag represents an assault on the values of America, disrespect to all those who love this country, and an affront to the many who gave their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy today, and is as equally repulsive as the riots and looting going on in our streets today in the name of racial justice.

“God Bless America, land that I love…

God bless America, my home, sweet, home.”

These words, from God Bless America, by Irving Berlin, have always been the ultimate representation of the unconditional love Americans have had for their homeland. The United States of America, land of liberty and opportunity, and home of the American dream, is the greatest, most free, most prosperous, and most benevolent nation in the history of the world. It was, is, and should always be the land that we love. Yet a 2019 poll by Gallup found that while 70% of Americans surveyed stated they were proud to be Americans, only 45% were “extremely proud.” It is not surprising that the number of extremely proud Americans has been falling since the onset of the liberal socialist counterrevolution and the election of Donald Trump. Why?

Any American who turns to any mainstream media platform for information and current news, be it television, internet, or printed press, will be bombarded with an anti-American perspective and liberal socialist propaganda. They will see, hear, or read that we are an inherently racist nation, that our economic system is unjust and discriminatory, and that we promote white privilege. We see and hear supposed experts who jump to conclusions without facts, condemning our law enforcement, our immigration officers, and other civil servants, perpetuating a myth of systemic racism. The cancel culture attempting to erase our national heritage and revise our American history has swept across the country, finding allies in the corrupt media. Our children are now being indoctrinated rather than educated, with curriculum that condemns George Washington and the founding fathers, disavows the July 4, 1776 founding of our nation, and attempts to relate every moment of relevance in our nearly two and a half centuries as a nation to slavery.

Think about this… your children are being taught that the only reason the founding fathers revolted against Great Britain and fought for independence was to ensure the continued existence of the despicable institution of slavery. That is the 1619 Project curriculum that has entered many schools today. They are taught that George Washington was a terrible man because he owned slaves with no mention of his consistent desire to end the practice or of him freeing his slaves upon his death. They are taught to hate the man known as the father of our country, the man after whom the national capital is named, and whose monument highlights the skyline of our seat of government. On top of this, they are indoctrinated to believe that our nation has been imperialistic and genocidal throughout history, that we were born of and continue to prescribe to white supremacist philosophies, and we continue to oppress people of color. On TV, they see Americans burning the flag and disparaging the country. What are they supposed to think?

Why are our children not taught that the United States provides more in humanitarian assistance to foreign peoples than the next nine highest countries combined? How about the fact that we give more foreign aid to other nations than any other country? Are they taught that hundreds of millions of foreign people have freedom because the United States came to the aid of European and Asian nations threatened by German and Japanese dominance, or that millions of Eastern Europeans are free of tyrannical communist rule because the United States brought down the Soviet Union? Are they taught that the Republican party fought to free the slaves and grant blacks their full rights as American citizens? Why is it that we are kowtowing to a bunch of anti-American, woke, Marxists when it comes to educating our youth, rather than standing up for the truth of how great the American story really is, warts and all?

Traditionally, Republicans have been more patriotic than Democrats, which remained the case in the Gallup poll. While 76% of Republicans had extreme pride in being an American, only 22% of Democrats had the same. This is not an attack on Democrats for being unpatriotic, simply poll results. National pride also drops with age, as 63% of Americans over 65 said they were extremely proud, consistently dropping by age bracket until reaching the low of 24% for those ages 18-29. Those in schools today, facing the indoctrination of the radical liberal socialist ideology are the least patriotic of all Americans, not surprising. The radicals pushing an anti-American agenda are winning the future by gaining control of the hearts and minds of the newer generations of Americans. We need to push back against the forces of radical liberalism that promote false narratives of inherent and systemic racism, wokeness, and the cancel culture. We need to remind Americans what it truly means to be an American and fight the indoctrination occurring in our schools, our universities, and even in our sporting events.

Are there disparities? Yes. Did racism create disparities in the past? Yes. Are we the same nation that we were when the disparities first developed? Not even close. There are still racists among us, but they are the minority. There are still disparities, but the plight of black Americans has improved. While the unemployment rate for blacks is generally higher than it is for whites, the gap lessens as education increases, and more blacks are furthering their education than ever before. Although the percentage of blacks who graduate from college is still less than that of whites, that percentage has more than doubled since 1990 (U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee, 2020). According to Census Bureau statistics, black poverty in the United States has fallen during presidential administrations (Reagan, Clinton, Trump) that worked to reduce welfare and increase empowerment with employment, and has been at its height during administrations that have increased government assistance (Johnson, Obama). The Democrats, who fought for slavery, black codes, Jim Crow, and segregation, have not helped the black community in the decades since by keeping them oppressed in poverty due to the welfare state. It is not inherent racism, but phony liberal compassion, that is the cause of black suffering today.

While it is every American’s right to speak out against perceived injustices, where do we draw the line between protest and disrespect? President Trump was right to speak out against the millionaire athletes disrespecting our nation by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem. The members of American society who have benefitted the most from the American dream protest against the society that gave them an opportunity they would not have had anywhere else in the world. Such disgusting behavior would never have been accepted in previous generations, when Americans grew up understanding how fortunate they were to have been born in the greatest nation on the face of the Earth. Those who shed blood and lost lives fighting for independence, to maintain the union during the Civil War, to eliminate slavery and win civil rights, and to prevent international tyranny and genocide in two world wars, would be disgusted by what they see from some radical American citizens today. The fact that the U.S. Olympic Committee has decided to allow members of our national teams to kneel during the playing of the anthem is a national disgrace, and if allowed on the international stage it will be an embarrassment of immense proportions.

The Democrat party today is pushing a form of liberal socialism, hoping to create a society in which government controls and dominates the lives of its citizens. We have seen this before in the Soviet Union, Communist China, Cuba, Venezuela, Cambodia, and North Korea. What would happen to protesters in those nations who disrespected the anthems of those countries as professional and now collegiate athletes have been doing in the United States? What about if disgruntled members of those societies burned the nation’s flag? These individuals are protesting in ways that are only possible because of the liberties we enjoy, because of the Constitution the framers gave us, and because of the benevolence of the American republic… yet they promote a false narrative that our nation is evil, oppressive, imperialistic, genocidal, economically unjust, and inherently racist.

The professional athletes are entitled to protest, and so are the fans of these leagues. Patriotic Americans must let their voices be heard in the only place it matters – team revenues. As long as these arrogant, privileged millionaires continue to disrespect our flag, our anthem, and the memories of those who have died to preserve their right to protest, then we, the people, have a responsibility to protest their disrespect. If they kneel, we should renounce our season tickets, refuse to watch on television, and discontinue our support of paying for their ridiculous paychecks. There are many Americans who have withstood discrimination, and many more who have been persecuted. We are not a perfect nation, but we are a nation who continues to struggle to create “a more perfect union.” We have elected a black man President of the United States twice, have elected a black woman vice president, appointed two black Supreme Court justices, and have had black secretaries of state and defense, as well as other cabinet-level positions. In 1960, there were only four black members of Congress. In 1980, there were 16, in 2000 there were 37, and in 2020 there were 54. To deny the progress the United States has made in equal rights, to deny the opportunity this land has presented to hundreds of millions of people of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexualities, and both genders, and to continue to promote a narrative of inherent and systemic racism to further divide the American people is strategic, and it is morally reprehensible.

Patriotic Americans need to immediately unite to fight this plague of anti-American rhetoric and activity. The silent majority can no longer remain on the sideline and allow the liberals, socialists, and anarchists to defile our national symbols, discredit our American heroes, tarnish our national heritage, and inculcate the hearts and minds of younger generations. We must become the vocal majority and take back our nation before the counterrevolution has destroyed all that we hold sacred.

Parents must revolt in our K-12 schools, demanding a pro-American education in which history is not revised and our children are not indoctrinated. They should learn of the evils of slavery and all of our failures as a nation, but also, and more importantly, what we have done to correct the mistakes of our past and the progress we have made as a country. They should learn that we have been the greatest force for freedom and democracy in the world, and that more people have better lives today because of the United States. Our children should learn to celebrate the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, to appreciate the founding fathers and the sacrifices of past generations, and to understand the truth behind the American dream, that it is the opportunity to be free of government control and to succeed on one’s own terms. Younger generations of Americans are losing the values of our great American past, and parents must insist that our schools return to a focus on learning, not radicalization.

Students must demand their rights to free thought and free speech be protected in our institutions of higher learning, returning our colleges and universities to their past position as centers of debate and dialogue, with a free exchange of ideas. Professors who attempt to actively indoctrinate and radicalize students should be called out and made to “educate,” with classrooms fostering independent thought upon the presentation of multiple perspectives. Students should never accept an anti-American narrative that does not offer context and multiple perspectives.

Sports fans should let their teams know that the arena or stadium is no place for politics and that the American people will not stand for woke athletes preaching to fans about the ills of an American society that provides equal opportunity for all, even if not all outcomes are equal. Until those pampered athletes are ready to give up the luxuries they have received from the “morally corrupt” society against which they protest, then there is no reason for any hard-working American to pay them any mind. It is hard for a struggling American to be told how hard life is by a millionaire athlete.

Finally, we must amend our Constitution to protect the American flag. Former Chief Justice William Rehnquist once said, “the flag is not simply another ‘idea’ or ‘point of view’ competing for recognition in the marketplace of ideas.” The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 vote, ruled in 1989 that burning the American flag was constitutionally protected free expression. The great textualist justice, Antonin Scalia, was the deciding vote, protecting Americans’ right to desecrate the flag against any existing or potential congressional legislation. Regarding his vote, he said in 2015, “If it were up to me, I would put in jail every sandal-wearing, scruffy-bearded weirdo who burns the American flag. But I am not king.” He was right. The Constitution, as it currently exists, protects those who would disrespect our flag. This is why we need a constitutional amendment prohibiting the burning or defiling of the American flag. Until it is expressly prohibited by the Constitution, our flag will continue to be an instrument used by those wishing to bring the American republic to its knees. Rehnquist, who opposed Scalia in the precedential decision, was also correct. The flag is the symbol of our American republic, the emblem not just of the principles that make us American and of the blood shed for our freedoms, but also of all the progress we have made as a people and a nation over the past two and a half centuries. It also is a tribute to all those who have sacrificed so that we may remain free, and so that all Americans have equal rights. It is so much more than “another idea” or “point of view;” it is much more than just another flag. And the United States of America is more than just another country. God bless America, land that I love!

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