Let's Be Fair...

Does a rising tide lift all boats? Does a falling tide sink all boats? We have to ask ourselves… is it better to have some prosper while others struggle, or to have all struggle? In the United States today, it seems as though our leaders prefer equity in poverty to inequality in prosperity. In “Churchillesque” terms, would we prefer the unequal blessings of prosperity or the equal miseries of poverty? After all, the government cannot guarantee the uninhibited success and prosperity of all its people, but with bad policies it can certainly achieve universal suffering for the entire citizenry.

The word of choice for the liberal socialist counterrevolution is equity. They do not mean equality, although you will often hear them preach about “racial equality” or “income equality.” They mean equity, because they do not want all members of society to have equal access to resources or the same education and employment opportunities; they want everyone to have the same outcomes, regardless of motivation, ability, or effort. Whereas a conservative sees inequity and wishes to provide opportunity for those with less to achieve more, liberals see inequity and want to take from those with more so that they will join those with less. The conservative wants to raise the lesser to meet the greater; the liberal wants to bring down the greater to meet the lesser.

It’s important that we not confuse equity with equality. This is absolutely critical in defeating the counterrevolution and saving the republic. Equality means “regarding or affecting all objects in the same way.” Equality therefore means making sure that everyone begins on a level playing field and is afforded the opportunity to make the most of their life. Equity, in contrast, is not about ensuring a level playing field and allowing people to be responsible and accountable for their own lives, but rather about ensuring an equal final score – no winners and losers, regardless of what one does with their opportunities. Equality is about providing the same resources and opportunity; equity is about ensuring the same outcomes. Remember, the liberal socialists worship Karl Marx, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

What kind of a world would this be for our children and grandchildren? If the counterrevolution is successful, and the United States becomes the land of equity, rather than equality, we will not recognize our nation. No more champions; no more valedictorians; no more academic or athletic scholarships; no more merit-based promotions or raises… no more motivation to work hard, to achieve, to excel. Work harder, earn more, and be forced to give more away. What will that mean for future generations of Americans, and for the future of the nation as a whole?

In the United States, we have always prided ourselves in equality of opportunity, meaning everyone, regardless of background shall have no advantage or disadvantage because of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or any other differences. This hasn’t always been the case, but we have overcome our past on the path to a future of greater equality. This is how it should be - We all deserve the same access to resources and the same opportunities for education and employment; We do not all deserve the same outcomes. The outcomes are decided by our actions.

In a nation of equality, there will be inequity – some will work harder or more wisely, some will be more talented or skilled, and some will just be plain lucky, and those individuals will get further, rise higher, and earn more. The deserving get rewarded; the undeserving do not. Those with natural advantages or derived advantages (advantages gained by hard work, risk, etc.) end up with more because they do more; they make more of the opportunities presented. In a nation of equity, there can be no equality, as in order to ensure that everyone winds up in the same place, there must be preferential treatment given to those who are incapable or undeserving. In such a situation, those who are not as motivated, as smart, as skilled, as talented, or as lucky, must get additional resources and artificial advantages in order for everyone to achieve the same. It’s like playing a game. Equality is everyone starting off at the same point, with the person who is more effective, luckier, smarter, etc. advancing further, faster, and eventually winning. Equity is providing a head start to slower competitors, or instituting other rule-bending measures, so that there is no winner, and everyone finishes at the same place. How much fun is that game? And how fulfilling would it be?

In his Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government, President Biden stated,

“It is therefore the policy of my Administration that the Federal Government should pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality.”

In other words, it is time to favor “people of color and others who have been historically underserved.” Advancing equity means providing favor, not opportunity. The left tries to use equity interchangeably with equality, but this is not possible, as fairness in opportunity does not equate to equivalence in outcomes. Affirmative action was about equity, not equality. It was disguised as a push for equality, to provide people of color the same opportunities for education and employment as white Americans, but the truth is it was about providing an advantage to people of color. The goal was not providing equal opportunities, but about making sure people of color got the admissions into school, got the scholarships, and got the jobs. This may have been necessary decades ago, but let’s be honest… affirmative action was always about the outcomes, not the opportunities.

In the latest Covid relief bill, the Democrats gave economic relief in the form of loan forgiveness of up to 125% of the debt to minority owners of farms, while leaving white farmers to struggle with no relief. This handout to black farmers is not advancing equality, but pursuing equity. The president has completely caved to the far-left radicals in his party, supporting every liberal socialist priority he once denounced. After calling court-packing a “bonehead idea,” he is now considering it to ensure advancement of the socialist agenda. A longtime supporter of the filibuster, he is now open to abolishing it so the left can ram through their horrendous policies. The senator who fought against school integration in fear of them becoming “racial jungles” is now the crusader for racial equity. But it is not just the president…

Just recently, in Virginia, the Democrats have totally redesigned the math curricula for their K-12 schools. They will no longer offer the opportunity for superior students to take advanced mathematics classes, and state officials are even considering eliminating advanced high school diplomas, altogether, and all in the name of equity. Since they have consistently failed to raise the achievement of struggling students, they have now decided that the best way to reduce the achievement gap is by lessening opportunities for advanced students. Doesn’t that sound fair? If you can’t bring one group up, try to bring the other groups down… after all, it’s about outcomes, not opportunities. Ridiculous!

It’s important to keep in mind how the democrats define fairness…

· Providing loan forgiveness to black farmers but not white farmers, regardless of need

· Taking educational opportunities away from advanced students to provide more equitable education

· Prioritizing people of color for Covid vaccines over white Americans regardless of medical history and comorbidities

· Paying over $86 million to put illegal immigrants up in hotels while on any given night there are 85,000 homeless Americans on our streets

· Censoring conservative voices while condoning hate speech and violence instigation from the left

· Giving Americans $600 in Covid relief while providing foreign countries with hundreds of millions of dollars

· Allowing biological males to compete in female sports

· Ignoring and covering up Joe Biden scandals while inventing and promoting Donald Trump conspiracy theories

· Boycotting Georgia over election integrity laws while embracing China, which operates concentration camps

· Due process for criminals but “guilty until proven innocent” for police

If outcomes are made to be equitable, then the only equality we will see in America is in the loss of productivity and prosperity. Racial divisions will continue to widen, animosity will fester, and the nation will never heal and unite. White people are no longer oppressors; black people are no longer victims. We must move pass the victimization of people of color and empower those belonging to historically underserved communities. Fight against this push for equity before we are all equally miserable. In the end, the government must guarantee equality of opportunity for all, but it is the people who must determine their own outcomes.

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