McCarthyism 2.0

Updated: Jul 23

In the 1950s, Senator Joseph McCarthy led an effort to expose communist infiltration of the United States government, in the process destroying many careers and lives, often without evidence, and frequently without reason. This was a time in which character assassination became an accepted part of Washington life, a time in which the often-irrational fear of communist infiltration and the overzealous campaign against suspected communists pressed perilously close to, if not outrightly, denying individuals’ rights to due process. Not much is different seven decades later, other than the direction of the persecution. McCarthyism 2.0 is simply a change of direction, nothing more than leftist persecution of anyone who does not subscribe to their socialist ideology, woke beliefs, and radical agenda.

According to Britannica, the term McCarthyism has “become a byname for defamation of character or reputation by means of widely publicized indiscriminate allegations, especially on the basis of unsubstantiated charges.” In the 1950s, the common charge was communist subversion… in the 2020s it has become racism and white supremacy. As a result of McCarthy’s baseless accusations and fearmongering, many lost jobs, were ostracized from communities, and suffered permanent damage to their reputations and careers. Sound familiar? How many men have become innocent casualties of a relentless #MeToo movement, forsaking due process and presuming guilt based solely on accusations of misconduct? How about police officers who have been targeted for termination and prosecution in the media for the “murder” of “innocent” victims without any of the facts known? Lest we forget of the countless number of newspaper editors, sportscasters, and politicians who have been the victims of character assassination as a result of publicly stating that “all lives matter.” We are in a different time, with differing ideological underpinnings, but McCarthyism 2.0 is every bit as divisive, destructive, and distasteful as its predecessor.

Recently, Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier of the U.S. Space Force, was relieved of his command of the 11th Space Warning Squadron for disagreeing with the military’s implementation of “woke” anti-American ideologies. On a podcast, he reiterated and clarified his beliefs, stating that the armed forces were promoting “… fundamentally incompatible and competing narratives of what America was, is and should be," which were, as he described them, “Marxist in nature.” Specifically noting the teaching of the 1619 Project on his base, with strong assertions that the framers “codified White supremacy as the law of the land” with the ratification of the Constitution, Lohmeier expressed his opinion that "If you want to disagree with that, then you start [being] labeled all manner of things, including racist." His demotion was admittedly a direct result of his comments, with a defense department official acknowledging that an investigation is now underway to determine “whether these comments constituted prohibited partisan political activity.” This was not a “partisan” activity any more than it would have been if someone had spoken out against the military teaching racist narratives.

The reason given for Lohmeier’s removal by Lt. General Stephen Whiting, was “due to loss of trust and confidence in his ability to lead.” What a disgraceful distortion of what it means to be American… about dissent, the Constitution, free speech, and leadership, that if one disagrees with the narrative that the United States is an inherently racist nation, he is unfit for command and cannot be trusted to lead. One must question the level of true freedom in a society in which compliance and dissent with beliefs and opinions are determinants of position and rank. According to this episode, one is only fit to command in the U.S. military if he or she mindlessly follows the leftist, anti-American narratives promoted by the current administration and its woke comrades. The McCarthyism of the ‘50s grew out of a battle between democracy and communism, in a time in which there was a true fear of the communists’ desire for world domination. McCarthyism 2.0 has grown out of a desire for power and control by the far-left radicals now leading the American federal government.

According to Vanity Fair, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin “vowed to root out white supremacy and right-wing radicalism in the ranks.” Was the demotion of Lt. Col. Lohmeier the first salvo in an all-out purge of those who disagree with the Marxist ideology that is now pervasive in our military, scapegoating those who dissent with the label of white supremacist? According to the Democrat party today, totally beholden to the woke crowd, anyone who does not declare their loyalty to leftist ideologies and anyone who fails to acknowledge the veracity of the lies that the United States is inherently racist, that law enforcement is systemically racist, and that all whites are oppressors, and all blacks are victims, is by definition a white supremacist. Austin professes, “The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies,” and asserts that “some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.” Therefore, the Biden administration will be purging our armed forces of those enemies, meaning any patriotic Americans who love their country, believe in its best aspirations, and while acknowledging its imperfections still believe that the United States is the fairest, freest, and greatest nation in the history of the world. This is the mindset of the new Democrat party, BLM, Antifa, the media, and the woke mob - If one refuses to bow to Marxist ideology, refuses to surrender our streets to chaos, refuses to divide people based on the color of their skin, and refuses to spout anti-American nonsense, then one is an enemy of the state.

Our leaders should beware the purge. The Soviet Union struggled to hold off the German offensive early in World War II, and could have lost the war, because Stalin purged the military of its best generals based on his paranoia and beliefs of disloyalty. If Eisenhower permanently removed General George Patton from command over personal and political differences, the war might have lasted longer with many more casualties. The military is no place to be playing politics and trying to prove how woke we are; the security of the nation and safety of its people are at stake.

Austin called for a “60-day Service-Wide Stand Down to Address Extremism Within the U.S. Military.” Does this purge include those members of the armed services who are members of Marxist and anarchist groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa? How about those service members who participated in BLM riots and looting, and Antifa attacks on innocent civilians, law enforcement, and government buildings? Some members of Congress have called for the military to perform social media searches of potential servicemen and women for signs of white supremacy, but what about those who have promoted attacks on law enforcement and subverted the government from the left? Does extremism not include those occupying the far left, including those with Marxist revolutionary views? Of course not, because McCarthyism 2.0 is about rooting out those who are “unwoke,” destroying the lives of those who resist to comply with the false narratives of inherent and systemic racism, and politically and socially assassinating any individual who dares dissent from the anti-American leftist agenda. Don’t be fooled by the company line being touted by the administration – there is nothing apolitical about the proposed military purge - it is about nothing but politics.

This is a typical Marxist tactic, using a traumatic event (whether legitimate or staged) to assert the authority to remove opposition from positions of power. Hitler used the Reichstag fire to purge communists; Stalin used the assassination of a communist leader as an excuse to execute those who posed threats to his hold on power; Saddam Hussein used a false coup attempt to eliminate his political opposition. The Biden administration and its allies are using the January 6th insurrection to justify a purge of those in the military who do not subscribe to their political and ideological beliefs, acting as though the insurrection resulted from racist attitudes within our armed forces. Just as in our schools, the left does not want free thinkers and independent-minded leaders in our military; the left wants indoctrinated woke revolutionaries who will mindlessly follow the ideals of the counterrevolution. The left has always held tremendous disdain for the U.S. military; this is an opportunity to destroy its strength from within while “purifying” our armed forces.

In the 1950s, the targets of McCarthyism were accused communists. In 2021, the targets of McCarthyism 2.0 are those accused of racism, white supremacy, and white privilege. Just as with Senator McCarthy’s baseless accusations, those accused of racism today are the victims of misrepresentations of their words, opinions, or beliefs. Anyone who disagrees with the woke alternative reality is deemed racist - they become targets, their reputations are assaulted, their careers disrupted, and their lives destroyed. McCarthy conducted his persecutions behind the fear of the Red Scare; leftists today persecute the “unwoke” behind the magnified fear of white supremacy and the false narrative of continued black oppression. We have been told by the Biden administration that white supremacists and far-right domestic terrorists are the greatest threat to our nation and our safety, ignoring the damage and destruction of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and far-left radicals, minimizing the threats posed by China and Iran, and disregarding the continued threat of international terrorism. They want us to believe that white privilege is more dangerous than fundamentalist Islamic extremism, and that military officers who do not subscribe to Marxist teachings are a threat to national security. To the left, love of country is more dangerous than disdain for its founding principles, patriotism is a greater threat than oppression, and tyranny is acceptable if it promotes the desired ideology. The ghost of Joe McCarthy has risen with a leftist turn, and no one is safe from the new woke McCarthyism.

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