My Ball, My Rules...

Remember back when you were young and playing ball with the neighborhood kids, and the young boy who brought the ball didn’t like how the game was going, so he took his ball and went home? Not so different in Washington, D.C. today, is it? Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer don’t like how the game is going, so they are trying to completely change the rules of the game. Basically, like that little boy back in the day, we are going to play by their rules, or they are going to make sure nobody gets to play! The Democrats now have control of the Senate, so they want to do away with the filibuster; Pelosi doesn’t like how slim her majority is in the House so she flirts with the idea of overturning the results of a congressional election; state voter ID laws infringe on the left’s ability to steal elections so they are attempting a federal takeover of elections; the administration wants to spend trillions more dollars that we don’t have so they have redefined what is included in infrastructure; and now, unhappy with the conservative tilt of the U.S. Supreme Court, President Biden has implemented a commission to find ways to reconstruct the highest court in the land.

The Democrat party has never been one for playing by the rules. They refused to acknowledge the freedom and equality of the freed slaves in the 1800s, enacting “black codes” to restrict their newly garnered rights. Lincoln and the Republicans freed 4 million formerly enslaved black Americans, but southern Democrats did everything they could to oppress the new citizens. Blacks were limited in the property they could own, the jobs they could do, and the income they could earn, all while keeping them voiceless in the political machinations that controlled their lives. As the nation moved in a direction to make amends for its past failures in terms of equal rights, members of the Democrat party continued to promote Jim Crow laws, legalizing the segregation of American populations according to the color of one’s skin. The more constitutional rights black Americans were given, the more white, southern, democrats worked to avert the law and punish blacks. This continued for a hundred years, with Democrats filibustering civil rights legislation in the 1960s. Again, and again, we have seen a Democrat party that didn’t like the new rules, fought against them, and when defeated, decided to change the rules to fit their racist desires.

After utilizing the filibuster hundreds of times to obstruct republican legislation when they were in the minority, Democrats in the Senate, now in the majority, insist the filibuster is a racist tool, a “relic of Jim Crow,” and should be abolished. Why? Because getting rid of the filibuster would give the Democrats complete control of all levers of power, allowing them to subvert the Constitution and fundamentally transform the American republic. Childcare, healthcare, elderly care, and energy have never been a part of any traditional definitions of infrastructure, but infrastructure is popular with the American people, and so it provides an opportunity for the Democrats to advance their liberal agenda. All they have to do is redefine infrastructure to now include any liberal priority, and so we now have “infrastructure of our care economy.” Over three quarters of the American people, including people of color, support voter ID laws. How do Democrats get around states that have enacted such commonsense voter integrity laws? They claim racism and promote federal legislation that would ban such laws, blatantly violating the authority granted the states by the Constitution. This is the normal of the current party in power… why should they ever let facts, truth, transparency, or the Constitution get in the way of advancing their agenda?

That brings us to the latest attempt to redraw the lines of battle and tilt the playing field in favor of the Democrats. President Biden, who refused to answer any questions on court-packing during the campaign, has released a poorly veiled attempt at doing just that. He has established a commission to research court reform and lay out a proposal to alter the structure of the court. President Trump’s success in building a textualist judiciary greatly frightens the left, whose radical agenda requires judicial activism to undermine the Constitution. With a 6-3 court, although one can hardly count on Chief Justice Roberts for textualist decision-making, the leftists demand revolutionary change. The Supreme Court has been at nine justices since the 1860s, and the number has served this nation well. However, with younger textualist judges appointed, expected to serve for many years and limiting the chances of an activist court in the coming decades, the enraged left demands action. President Biden is seemingly open to packing the court, adding four new justices to bring the new total to 13 Supreme Court justices, and giving the liberals a 7-6 majority. He is also open to enacting term limits for Supreme Court justices, empowering him to replace those deemed to have served for too many years. Who knows what other anti-republican proposals might arise from the commission?

The leftists’ judicial icon, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, stood against court-packing before her death, stating, "Nine seems to be a good number. It's been that way for a long time… I think it was a bad idea when President Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court." One of Ginsburg’s liberal allies on the court, Justice Stephen Breyer, agrees, suggesting that, “Structural alteration motivated by the perception of political influence” would erode the trust “that the court is guided by legal principle, not politics.” He fears the destruction of “the trust that the court has gradually built.” The judicial system was established to be independent of politics, allowing the justices to decide cases only in the best interests of the nation and the American people according to the rights and roles prescribed in the U.S. Constitution. If the Supreme Court ever loses its political independence, becoming nothing more than another political body more in tune with ideology and party than with the Constitution and the people, then the republic has lost its last defense against encroachment on individual liberty and the establishment of a new government tyranny.

Packing the Supreme Court would turn the court into a political football, with changes in the party in power resulting in more and more justices added to the court to gain political advantage. What is the limit? How efficient can a court with 25 justices be? Do we really want a Supreme Court that works in a manner as efficient and effective as our Congress? If our leaders truly care about the best interests of the people and our nation, then they certainly will not support the destruction of our Supreme Court by the injection of politics.

Another ploy of the left to gain control of the courts is to enact term limits on the justices of the Supreme Court. However, Article III, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution states that justices “shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour,” meaning that outside of impeachment, the justices are appointed for life. Therefore, short of a constitutional amendment, requiring approval of two-thirds of both houses of congress and three -quarters of all the state legislatures, there is no constitutional method of removing a Supreme Court justice. Ruth Bader Ginsburg noted the challenge when asked about judicial term limits, suggesting, "Our Constitution is powerfully hard to amend." Any efforts by President Biden and the Democrats to term limit the current justices of the Supreme Court would be unconstitutional, and with constitutional amendments requiring support of Republicans in Congress and republican legislatures, the thought of a term limit amendment is pretty much dead on arrival.

The judicial power grab is just the latest in a series of actions taken by those on the left to establish one-party rule in the United States. Open borders and amnesty would create a new voting bloc entirely devoted to the Democrat party. Passing the For the People Act would legalize and facilitate election fraud, eliminate election integrity efforts, and open the door to the left stealing elections. Eliminating the filibuster would allow Democrats to work unabated in transforming the American republic into a socialist state, relegating the Republican party to nothing more than vocal opposition. Finally, packing the court would establish the one-party state the left has been working toward, eliminating any constitutional barriers with an activist court more concerned with ideology than law. Everything the Biden-Harris administration has done since assuming power in January, in collaboration with Schumer’s Senate and Pelosi’s House, has been anti-American and undemocratic. Their veiled attempts at the absolute destruction of the Republican party and subversion of the United States Constitution can only be averted by an independent Supreme Court. As the Supreme Court goes, so does the republic. If the Democrats are successful in politicizing the Supreme Court, then we will forever be forced to play by their rules, or be kept out of the game entirely.

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