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Updated: Jul 23

It is impossible to escape the anti-American zeal of the liberal socialist counterrevolution, its assault on our national heritage, and its false narratives portraying the United States as an inherently racist nation. The past is not our present and the present is not our future. We have become a fairer nation with even more progress on the horizon in the future… unless we follow the lead of the race-baiters and socialists threatening to take down our American way of life. As cancel culture aims to take down our national heroes, and the Biden administration attempts to institutionalize anti-white racism in our schools and the military with the introduction of critical race theory, we face a desperate fight not only to reclaim our past, but to save our future. We cannot continue to be the greatest nation in the history of the world without defending our heritage, reclaiming our past, and fighting to ensure the principles of the republic established by the founding fathers continue to guide our government.

Fox News recently published a piece noting that the National Archives task force on racism declared that the Archives Rotunda, home of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, is an example of “structural racism.” The task force report claims the rotunda “lauds wealthy white men” and portrays the founding fathers in too positive a light. They propose changing the language in archival documents so that they are less triumphant when describing the contributions of impactful white Americans such as the founding fathers. This is the rubbish that is being used today in all walks of life – the military, schools, corporations – to turn the American people against their country. According to the report, Cassie Smedile, executive director of America Rising, portrayed this report as “the radical left’s latest attempt to sow division and rewrite our history,” correctly asserting that “no institution, agency, or classroom is off limits.” She couldn’t be more on target with her assessment, as the counterrevolution aims to indoctrinate our youth through the education system and force their ideology on the American people by coercing conformity to newly instituted language and ideals. We are to believe that all whites are oppressors and all blacks are victims, that ours is a nation established simply as a home for slavery, and that racism guides every decision we make and action we take. Nonsense!

President Trump, disgusted by the acceptance of the anti-American 1619 Project in our educational institutions, declared, “Our youth will be taught to love America with all their heart and all their souls,” then instituting the 1776 Commission to support “patriotic education.” President Biden, immediately upon assuming office, abolished the commission and rejected its work. He labeled the pursuit of patriotic education, “ignorance and lies,” as his administration pushed critical race theory and the 1619 Project into the education system and our armed forces. Loving one’s country, celebrating its founders, and cherishing our heritage is ignorance, according to our president, and teaching our youth about patriotism and American history is lies. Biden and his new allies in the counterrevolution promote hatred of our country, excoriation of our heritage, and revision of our history. Parents around the country have risen up in defense of their children and against the teaching of critical race theory in our schools. We must by equally vigilant in our fight against the 1619 Project and any other anti-American curriculum. The power of the accomplishments of our founding fathers, and with it the force of their republican (small r) ideals, is in danger of revision and eradication. If our students’ understanding of the founding fathers and the principles of the American revolution is corrupted, future generations will lose the patriotic soul that has driven the republic for centuries. The youth are our future, but the time is now to ensure they continue as responsible stewards of the world’s oldest remaining republic.

John Adams once wrote, “Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.” We, as Americans, as we, the people, have an obligation to stand up to the leftist counterrevolution. We have an obligation to the founding fathers and every American who has ever sacrificed for the continued survival of the union. We have an obligation to future generations. The republic is ours to save or doom, to keep Americanism alive or let it pass into the recesses of our collective memory. We must ensure continuation of the American republic, save the founding fathers from oblivion, and protect the American dream for patriots not yet born. We must resist the leftist indoctrination, keep critical race theory and the 1619 Project out of our schools and armed forces, and take back the narrative from the neo-Marxists who would see our republic fall.

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