Stealing Our Future

We have heard for decades how the American education system is broken, how it’s failing our children, and in what desperate need it is for reform. However, some do not believe this to be true. Nikola Hannah-Jones, founder of the 1619 Project, claims that America’s schools are operating exactly as they were designed – to racially discriminate against black children and provide them with an inadequate education. Whether you think the system is broken or is operating exactly how it was designed, the fact remains that our schools are failing our students. Effort after effort, reform after reform… are our schools really any better than when you were a child? I’m not so sure. I’m not sure our schools are even about learning anymore.

The first problem with the “American education system is broken” argument is that we really do not have an “American” education system; we have 50 state education systems, and one in Washington D.C. The framers did not include education as a power specifically delegated to the federal government, meaning that according to the 10th amendment, it is a power reserved for the states. While this may pose a problem in that not all American children are uniformly educated, and some states might not do as good of a job preparing our youth as others, the diversity of the state education systems offers excellent opportunities for educational experimentation, development of best practices to be shared with others, and effective reform efforts that can be replicated in other states. It also affords local governments to exert greater control over their own schools, better serving the needs of the local populations. Education is better served by those closer to the population, not politicians or bureaucrats in the nation’s capital. That being said, education is the key to America’s future, and the future therefore depends on what our students are learning (or not learning).

In today’s environment of the woke mob, cancel culture, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa, our students are being taught to hate America. They are being guided to believe that America is inherently racist, that being white is bad and something for which one must seek forgiveness, and that gender is a choice to make, just to name a few. Rather than being guided, they are being molded; rather than learning to think independently, they are being indoctrinated. The biggest problem in American classrooms today is not pedagogy or classroom management, staffing or accountability, resources or class size… it’s the woke takeover of education.

According to Brittanica, critical race theory (CRT) is “the view that the law and legal institutions are inherently racist and that race itself, instead of being biologically grounded and natural, is a socially constructed concept that is used by white people to further their economic and political interests at the expense of people of colour.” Cornell Law School professor William Jacobson describes it as “a radical ideology that focuses on race as the key to understanding society, and objectifies people based on race.” (NY Post) CRT is now being pushed in hundreds of universities and colleges across the country, perpetuating the same kind of racial segregation that civil rights leaders spent decades fighting - sorting people by color, increasing racial tension, and turning people against each other. It propagates the victimization of communities of color and disempowers groups of people based on the color of their skin. According to CRT, all American laws and institutions are inherently racist. All the problems of black communities, from crime to poverty to drugs to single mothers, can be attributed to the political, economic, and social hurdles implemented by the white majority. It is a theory that removes all responsibility and accountability from non-whites, and expresses everything in terms of skin color. This is the reality into which our young adults are being forced to live through education systems that serve more as activist development platforms than learning programs.

Students in our institutions of higher learning, our most advanced indoctrination centers, are required to read textbooks that promote CRT, the 1619 Project, Black Lives Matter philosophy, white fragility, and other priorities of the woke movement. There is little room for debate as students with differing opinions are often ostracized, castigated, and even punished for not bowing at the altar of woke madness. The leaders of tomorrow are being indoctrinated into a liberal socialist activist belief system meant to radically change the very foundations of American democracy.

There are K-12 schools in many states that have adopted curriculum based on the 1619 Project, which asserts the founding of the American republic was not July 4, 1776, but rather 1619 when the first slave ships supposedly arrived on North American shores. It posits that the only reason the founders declared independence and fought a war in which much patriot blood was shed, was to maintain the system of slavery. The founder of the project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, declares that racism is “embedded in the DNA of this country” (The Atlantic). In other words, students in schools using this curriculum are taught to look at everything through the lens of race and that everything in our past resulted from white supremacy, emphasizing America’s failures but ignoring her successes.

Hannah Jones promotes a theory that America is inherently racist, and openly asserts that “the outcome that most white Americans want is segregation.” Yet she supports critical race theory, which generates the sort of segregation she speaks out against. In The Idea of America, Hannah-Jones relives the guilt she experienced as the child of a patriotic American, writing that her father’s patriotism “deeply embarrassed” her. She claims that it is not Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and the other white men that gave us the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the American republic who are our founding fathers, but rather, it is the black slaves who landed in 1619 who gave rise to American democracy. While correctly suggesting that black Americans have contributed immensely to the greatness of the American experiment, and that they are deserving of equal recognition for all that makes us the world’s oldest standing republic, her efforts to rewrite American history designed to “cancel” the contributions of those we celebrate simply because they are white is dangerous. Teaching the 1619 Project in schools is not educating, nor are the students learning… it is indoctrination and they are being brainwashed to believe the false narratives of a liberal socialist ideology that hates America and everything we stand for, and threatens the continued existence of the America we know.

The indoctrination of our young people into a liberal socialist belief system is a direct threat to the American republic and our very way of life. Leftists, who have been molded in our higher institutions of advanced indoctrination, have been put into positions in which they have great influence over our youth, and are using that influence to build an activist base from which to topple the American system. The left wants our children to learn that America is a racist, genocidal, and imperialistic nation, that we are only great because we have exploited others, and that socialism is the answer to the inequality and oppression of American capitalism. If we allow the indoctrination to continue, or worse, increase, then we will lose the war for the soul of the nation. Leftists deplore the United States, find racism in all institutions and systems, and hope to bring down our economic system. We must denounce critical race theory, the 1619 Project, and all other anti-American, blatantly racist and/or Marxist curricula, deny such movements any entrance into our school systems, and always provide our students with multiple perspectives while promoting independent thinking. It is too dangerous to allow leftist activists to continue to dominate the education system, and a death sentence for the American way of life if we do not repel the liberal socialist counterrevolution in schools today.

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