The Buck Stops There... with the Squad

Crime is rampant in the streets of major American cities over the past year and the Democrats only have one answer… guns. It doesn’t matter that guns have been a constitutional right and readily available to American citizens for over two hundred years, or that the cities with the toughest gun laws have the greatest rates of gun crimes, or the fact that a gun has never willfully killed anyone without being operated by a human being. To the liberal, guns are the enemy, and the rising number of homicides is the crisis they will not let go to waste in their crusade to repeal the second amendment. However, the truth is that it is not guns, but leftist policies that have not only permitted, but actually promoted, the increase in crime.

Homicides in the United States are up 25% over the same time last year. Over that time, what has happened that could have led to such tragic results? The first and most important reason is the left’s demonization of our law enforcement structures and officers. The relentless derision of police and defunding of police departments by many leftist mayors and city councils around the country has resulted in streets that are far more inviting to criminals than the law-abiding citizen. Despite the negative impacts of such actions, the leftists are more interested in promoting their anti-American agenda than improving the lives of their constituents. Representative Mondaire Jones has called for defunding police departments, declaring them racist and stating that dismantling white supremacy involves “moving funding away from police departments and toward programs that improve public safety by helping to address the roots of systemic inequality.” Unfortunately, it is communities of color that are most affected by rampant crime, and people of color who would disproportionately be affected by reducing police budgets. Yet the Squad demands defunding and abolition of law enforcement. Representative Jamal Bowman calls for shifting resources from police and prisons to "new agencies designed to protect public health." Who will protect the people from the criminals who remain on the streets due to a lack of police presence and inadequate prison space? Representatives Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are others who have repeatedly called for the elimination of police and relentlessly disparaged police as overt racists preying upon people of color. The vitriolic attacks of the left against the men and women in blue has led to a mass exodus of officers from police departments around the country and an environment in which criminals have been emboldened to create greater havoc. Former New York City and Los Angeles Police Commissioner, Bill Bratton, recently summed up the feelings of the rank and file in law enforcement, “the morale has never been as low as it is right now in the 50 years I’ve been dealing with it.” This is a direct result of the false narratives of the left. However, the leftists will never accept responsibility, instead blaming Republicans for denying police resources by voting against the Democrats spending bills (which were all pork) and blaming gun owners for abiding by their constitutional right to bear arms.

According to Forbes, at least 13 cities made such law enforcement cuts early on. In March 2021, The Guardian noted at least 20 cities had done so. Under Mayor Bill DeBlasio, New York City cut $1 billion from its law enforcement budget. Seattle, which had six city blocks taken over and occupied last year, slashed $3.5 million from its law enforcement budget. Portland, Oregon, the home of nightly protests, violence, and property destruction for the better part of the last year, pledged to cut $15 million in police funding. Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Austin are among other cities to drastically reduce law enforcement budgets over the past year. And it’s not just on the streets, but also in our schools that the left is endangering Americans. Amidst the backdrop of tragic school shooting incidents over the past decade, liberal hotbeds like Denver, Colorado and Oakland, California are actually removing police from schools. Brilliant! This is not occurring in conservative-run cities and towns, only in municipalities implementing leftist policies… yet the left will continue to blame Republicans and their support of the second amendment.

Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley introduced the Breath Act to the House of Representatives. This legislation would authorize reparations to black people while defunding police, border patrol, and immigration enforcement, abolishing the prison system, and decriminalizing illegal offenses. It shouldn’t be too hard to imagine how taking law enforcement off the streets, combined with the eradication of detention facilities and elimination of criminal penalties, would naturally lead to a spike in criminal activity. If the leftists have their way, citizens of the United States would see their streets become lawless wastelands as they become safe havens for criminals. The left wants to advance a war on guns while simultaneously making excuses for those who use the guns for unlawful purposes. Guns do not kill people without being fired by someone. If we go along with the left’s criminal justice plan, what offenses would still be punishable crimes? Where would those who commit violent acts be housed? Who would protect the civilians on the streets? Once again, the leftists are promoting policies that would make our streets less safe and endanger the welfare of the American people, but they will continue to deny responsibility and refuse to accept accountability, preferring instead to blame guns.

Along the lines of decriminalization, how can the left defend the new wave of socialist district attorneys that refuse to enforce laws, prosecute offenders, and maintain the peace? In Illinois in 2016, District Attorney Kim Foxx refused to charge thieves with a felony unless they had stolen over $1,000 or had a minimum of 10 prior felony convictions (the threshold was previously $300). More recently in Los Angeles, DA George Gascon announced that his office will no longer prosecute perpetrators of many misdemeanor offenses, including resisting arrest… another example of liberal politicians and elected officials turning their backs on our law enforcement officers. He has ordered the end to the pursuit of the death penalty in any case, abolished the use of sentencing enhancements, and will no longer seek bail for non-violent offenders. Coupled with the city slashing $150 million from its policing budget, can any sane individual deny that these actions are encouraging criminals and making the streets of the city less safe?

As the liberal socialists take greater control over jurisdictions throughout the country, crime is now acceptable if it is done out of need. The Seattle City Council (really the Seattle Communist Council), made up of eight democrats and a socialist, has been considering implementing “the poverty defense.” This would mean that misdemeanor crimes would not be prosecuted, or would in fact be excused, if the perpetrator is poor, has a mental health disorder, or is addicted to drugs or alcohol. In Dallas, District Attorney John Creuzot has decided not to prosecute for theft totaling less than $750 (Austin Tribune). Similar policy reforms were enacted in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. These definitely seem like policies that would make the streets safer! What are these leftists thinking? Or do they really just not care?

Making crime acceptable for any reason tears away at the fabric of civilized society. Need is no excuse for lawlessness. Liberal elected officials are destroying America through policies that make our cities less safe and our society less civilized, all while blaming guns and republicans. Why would anyone want to be a police officer today? They are disparaged for enforcing the law and excoriated for doing their jobs, and their jobs are made even more difficult by leftists constantly altering the definitions and acceptance of various crimes. If the far left has their way, and police departments are defunded, who will protect the citizenry from the murderers, rapists, and gang members… social workers? Those liberal elites calling for the defunding of police huddle safely in their fortresses protected by private security… what about the working class and the poor who can’t afford private security? Who will protect them? We cannot reduce crime and make our communities safer by following the leftist game plan of defunding police, abolishing prisons, decriminalizing offenses, and legalizing “crime out of need.”

The Democrats seem to believe that if we pretend a crime is not a crime, then our streets are safer. They seem to believe that decriminalizing offenses means they are less harmful to the public. They seem to believe that if the crime rate goes down as less offenses are considered crimes, and less perpetrators are arrested and prosecuted for committing such offenses, that although more Americans will be negatively impacted by crime, the streets of American cities will be safer. None of this makes sense. Note to liberals… rising crime is YOUR FAULT! The only thing more ridiculous than leftist reasoning is to believe that the leftist policies being portrayed as compassionate, fair, and improving equality are anything other than disguised attempts at destroying the republic. For leftists, the ends justify the means… just as racism is acceptable if it negatively impacts whites, crime is acceptable if it promotes the far left’s agenda. They claim to crusade for the poor and people of color, but it is those same people who will be disproportionately impacted by the removal of police from the streets; those are the neighborhoods overrun by crime. Every move made by the liberal socialist counterrevolution is part of a grand scheme to destroy American capitalism and create a socialist utopia, slowly eroding the Constitution and suppressing the rights of the people. Like other policy areas, criminal justice reform is another far left illusion… change the definition of a crime, report less offenses as crimes, arrest fewer perpetrators, incarcerate less criminals, and claim that crime has gone down. A crime by any other name is still a crime. The American people will not be fooled by the anti-police, pro-criminal left. If liberal officials truly care about the safety of the people, then it is time to promote policies that support our law enforcement and favor the rights of law-abiding citizens over criminals. Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress and the White House have surrendered to the liberal socialist counterrevolution. If the Squad wins on criminal justice, we all lose.

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