The Chinese Communist Party Plague

The coronavirus known as Covid-19 originated in Wuhan, China. That can be agreed upon by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and all major governmental agencies. The rest is up for debate… When this strain of coronavirus first emerged, its precise origins, and the transparency of the Chinese government concerning all questions arising from the spread of the pandemic are still being contested. Now, after mounting evidence that it is not only possible, but plausible, that this is not a naturally developed virus but rather one created in a lab, the same American media and democrat talking heads who denounced such theories for the past year, have finally acknowledged the possibility. They are still reluctant, however, to offend the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and put American interests ahead of international approval. Such is the way of the modern liberal.

The Democrats, as usual, are more concerned with semantics and optics than they are the truth. The Obama administration refused to refer to Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, in fear of offending Muslims, renaming the War on Terror an “overseas contingency operation.” Today, Democrats are more and more turning their backs on Israel with open support for Palestinian terrorists, keeping in line with the anti-Semitism of the United Nations and an anti-Israeli worldview. There is no question as to where the Covid-19 virus originated, yet those who refer to it as the “China virus” or the “Wuhan virus,” are disparaged as xenophobic. President Biden has banned any such references to the virus by federal agencies. Those who encouraged investigating the origin of the virus, whether or not it actually escaped from a Chinese lab, were criticized, relentlessly mocked as conspiracy theorists, racists, and kooks. President Trump was derided every time he made reference to the “China virus.” We are long past the time for petty politics. It is in the best interests of not only the United States, but indeed the world, to investigate the origins of the Covid-19 virus, the role the Chinese Communist Party played in the spread of the pandemic, and to hold those responsible accountable.

Do we remember the Arab spring of 2010-2012, when citizens in various Arab countries rose up to protest against their tyrannical governments, eventually toppling some long-reigning strongmen in northern Africa? At the time, in 2011, President Obama called for an immediate transition to democracy in Egypt, helping to oust longtime President Hosni Mubarak, a U.S. ally. As a result, the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Egypt, a government far less concerned with American interests than the Mubarak regime. To placate the Muslim world, Obama sacrificed U.S. national security interests. Two years earlier, during Iran’s Green Revolution, when the terrorist, anti-American, theocratic regime was teetering on collapse, Obama refused to support the young, pro-western, Iranian revolutionaries. Despite advisors encouraging the president to signal American support for the Iranian people in their moment of need, Obama refused, choosing instead to cozy up to the Mullahs in hopes of completing a nuclear deal. The revolution was eventually crushed, and the Iranian regime was emboldened to increase its export of terrorism and anti-American, anti-Israeli rhetoric and policies. Again, internationalism was prioritized over American interests. This is the philosophy of the new Democrat party and liberal socialist movement… kowtow to anti-American sentiment, amplify the voices opposed to America’s best interests, and promote policies that embolden our enemies while failing to stand up for our own national security interests.

Back to the Covid-19 pandemic… Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had ordered an investigation into the origin of the Wuhan virus, specifically exploring the lab-leak theory and the possibility that the Chinese military’s biological weapons program may have been involved. Not surprisingly, President Biden, in his quest to undo all policies and programs of his predecessor, and perhaps due in part to unease with confronting the Chinese government, terminated the investigation, allowing the CCP to get away with unleashing this plague on humanity. As usual, the administration, along with the media, claimed that the investigation was nothing more than a political ploy of the xenophobic and racist Trump administration to blame China for a naturally occurring infection. Just as Biden claimed Trump’s travel ban on China to prevent the spread of Covid-19 early in 2020 was xenophobic, every attempt the Trump administration made to investigate the virus and hold China accountable was met with skepticism and ridicule. It seems as though the left believes any attempts to ensure American national security are xenophobic and political, and that international approval is of greater importance than American security.

Even Biden’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, is disturbed by China’s behavior regarding the release and spread of Covid-19, stating, "Once this virus started appearing, there seems to have been a fair amount of activity or cover-up or lack of transparency, probably the best way to put it, and all of that is disturbing. So we need to get to the bottom of it. That’s clear." Biden, however, has done everything he can to avoid getting to the bottom of it and holding China accountable. First, he terminated the State Department’s investigation. Now, he has ordered his intelligence agencies to get back to him in 90 days with a more definitive conclusion regarding the origin of the virus, plenty long enough to ensure that the attention of the American people has moved on to other, more current issues. The Democrats are hoping to continue to keep Americans attention fixed on the January 6th insurrection, pushing for a commission to yet again investigate the incident, while doing little to investigate China. And while Biden is afraid of calling out China, the CCP has been using his own rhetoric regarding systemic racism in U.S. law enforcement to disparage the reputation of the United States in the international community. China has been countering American condemnations of the CCP’s treatment of Uighurs and other minorities with claims that the U.S. is a human rights abuser due to the systemically racist treatment of black people in the states. What is Biden afraid of?

Biden and the Democrats only seek transparency if it is politically expedient. While doing nothing to investigate the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots, looting, violence, and destruction of the summer of 2020, and actually supporting and bailing out offenders, they demand an investigation into the January 6th insurrection. The siege of federal buildings, destruction of police precincts, and even hostility for days at the White House that left countless police officers injured and hospitalized is no cause for investigation or prosecution, but January 6th is. Why? Because January 6th can be used to promote a false narrative that Republicans, conservatives, and anti-socialists are racist white nationalists attempting to overthrow the government, whereas the truth regarding the left’s complicity with BLM and Antifa could only damage their approval in the court of public opinion. In much the same vein, investigations into China could unearth some revelations that Joe Biden, his family, and the Democrat party would rather keep buried.

The more we learn about Covid-19, the more questions are raised. The more questions get raised, the less transparency there is. Try to answer the following queries and not question everything we have been told by our media and leading scientific minds over the past year. How is it that the nation in which the virus originated is the least affected by it?

· In a world in which there have been a reported 170 million cases and 3.5 million deaths, how does a nation with a population approaching 1.4 billion (almost 20% of world’s population) wind up with barely 100,000 infections and less than 5,000 deaths, unless it knew more than it let on? Think about that… 18% of the world’s population and less than 1% of Covid infections and 1.5% of Covid deaths. Really?

· Why were residents of Wuhan, the province in which Covid-19 originated, restricted from traveling within China but allowed to travel abroad, to other nations? If China was not intent on unleashing this plague on the international community, would they not have shut down all travel out of the country?

· How is a virus that supposedly originated in a bat more infectious in human to human transmission than bat to bat transmission?

The previous administration made attempts to “get to the bottom” of the virus’ origin, the involvement of the Chinese government, and the reality behind the global pandemic that wreaked havoc on nations around the world. President Biden, since taking office, has slow-walked the process, terminating an ongoing investigation and only demanding intelligence reports after his friends in the media are now acknowledging the reality. There are those who question the president’s genuine desire to learn the truth, criticize his reluctance to call out the CCP, and denounce his hesitancy to hold the Chinese accountable. For a man who adamantly cast blame upon his predecessor for all the ills of the global pandemic and its effect on the United States, President Biden has been curiously silent in his aspersions toward the true cause of trillions of dollars in economic damage and millions of deaths worldwide, including hundreds of thousands of Americans. One might wonder if this administration prioritizes U.S. national security over the concerns of the Chinese Communist Party, and whether Biden’s relationship with the Chinese is of greater concern than the safety and security of the American people. It’s time for the president to get out of the way and actually lead… no slow-walking, no cover-ups, just investigate and react accordingly. We must hold China accountable for knowingly and purposefully unleashing this plague on the world.

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