The Fool the People Act

This week, the liberals in Congress took a step toward encouraging election fraud with the party-line passage of HR 1, The For The People Act, with the supposed purpose “To expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and implement other anti-corruption measures for the purpose of fortifying our democracy, and for other purposes.” Let’s be honest… the Democrats have no intention of addressing the numerous questions raised regarding the integrity of the 2020 election. Their goal is to permanently cement successful tools of fraud into our electoral process. To understand the legislation, we must first break down this preposterous rationale for the bill.

“Expanding Americans’ access to the ballot box” means making it easier to steal votes through registering noncitizens, promoting ballot harvesting, implementing massive vote-by-mail campaigns, providing access to unsecured ballot boxes, and allowing people to vote without verification of identity. “Anti-corruption measures” means eliminating legitimate methods of ensuring election integrity. “Fortifying our democracy” means implementing measures to make it easier for Democrats and harder for Republicans to win elections. Breaking down the components of the bill bring the truth to light…

The act declares, “the integrity, security, and accountability of the voting process must be vigilantly protected, maintained, and enhanced in order to protect and preserve electoral and participatory democracy in the United States.” If this is the case, then why do Democrats continue to fight against voter ID laws, signature verification, and the consistent enforcement of election laws? The Constitution grants states the power to regulate elections within their borders… This massive potential takeover of elections infringes upon state sovereignty and Constitutional authority. Uniform standards for voting in federal elections makes sense, but the federal government dictating how every state runs their elections does not. This legislation is unconstitutional on its face.

Lead sponsor in the House, Paul Sarbanes, said, this bill “would be absolutely transformational.” He is absolutely correct… it would transform our elections from referendums on candidates, parties, and issues into competitions of illegitimate registrations, illegal voting, ballot fraud, and outright election theft. Knocking on doors, making phone calls, and other voter contacts to build grassroots support could be replaced with online registration hacking, and ballot harvesting and manipulation to steal elections. This legislation is absurd in almost every aspect, requiring states to allow same-day registration, automatically register voters, and institute online registration, all circumventing any requirements to prove eligibility and verify identification. Furthermore, it eliminates voter ID laws that require voters to provide proof of identity, allows voters to vote out of their designated precincts, and removes state control from purging voter rolls, permanently keeping ineligible voters on the rolls. Automatic registration and universal mail-in ballots open up the floodgates for ballot harvesting, with countless ballots sent to uninterested individuals available for interception from legitimate chain of custody. These are all instruments of fraud that enable noncitizens and ineligible voters to participate in our elections, allow individuals to impersonate others to cast illegal votes, permit individuals to harvest and manipulate ballots, provide opportunities for individuals to vote multiple times, and generally mitigate any efforts at ensuring election integrity. How can legality be determined if an individual registers as they vote, providing no time for election officials to verify the voter’s eligibility? How can we ensure accurate vote counting if voters are allowed to vote out of their precinct? How can states ensure the eligibility of voters if they are restricted from annual voter roll purges? How do we know who is actually voting if we do not require any form of identification when a voter casts a ballot?

This act is just one part of the liberal socialist plan to make the United States a one-party state. Let’s not forget that the Democrats are trying to swamp elections with new voters, regardless of eligibility. Free healthcare, free college, and free money are not endeavors of virtue and humanitarian goodwill, but conscience efforts to “bribe” citizens into perpetual loyalty to the Democrat party. The Biden administration’s push for amnesty and open borders is not an act of morality or compassion, but rather a calculated effort to increase the Democrat voter base. Labors to promote D.C and Puerto Rico statehood are not about equal representation, but about expanding Democrat influence in the Senate and House of Representatives, and bolstering the party’s electoral power. Democrats have perfected the art of political illusion, presenting policies that strengthen their grasp on power as programs to help the American people.

Election laws must provide protections for our most cherished right, the right to vote. Our ballots must be secure, those who vote must be eligible, and our election officials must be empowered to ensure the integrity of our elections. There should be minimum uniform standards for registration verification, voter identification, and signature matching for presidential elections. Proof of citizenship should be required for registration, all voters should be required to show identification when voting, and signatures on absentee ballots must match signatures on voter registrations. Absentee ballots should be reserved for those stationed overseas or out of state, and those physically unable to vote in person, and they must only be mailed out upon request. Ballot harvesting should be banned in all states, and ballot boxes, if used, should only be available for ballot drop-off in secure locations. If Democrats were serious about election integrity, these would be the components of such legislation. Unfortunately, when Democrats say, “for the people,” they are really saying, “fool the people.” As is their modus operandi, they are portraying a political power grab as a fight to protect democracy. The Senate must stand up for the American people and vote down “The Fool the People Act.” Perhaps then, our elected officials can begin the process of actually getting to work to protect the sanctity of our votes.

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