The Last Best Hope...

In 1964, Ronald Reagan told Americans, “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We'll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we'll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.” We are at that rendezvous, and the time for choosing is now. In America, 2021, we face a plague of liberal socialism and a counterrevolution that threatens to undo the very fabric of the American republic. Our liberties are threatened, the government grows larger, more oppressive, and exerts more control over our daily lives, our borders are being dissolved and our sovereignty forfeited, our communities are rife with violence, and one party seeks to extinguish democracy with a socialist takeover of the federal government. The left is attempting to extinguish conservatism, destroy the Republican party, and implement one party, one ideology rule. The conservative, today, is under constant assault from a leftist counterrevolution seeking to permanently transform the nation, and the fate of a conservative who speaks his or her mind, defends the Constitution, or in any way disagrees with woke ideology can find himself or herself the victim of a cancel culture without mercy… disparaged; ostracized; humiliated; labeled racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic; terminated; blackballed… basically excommunicated from the community and exiled from society. Is there any hope?

It takes a brave person to come out of the conservative closet in 2021. After all, look at what happens to people who question the woke pedagogy. After stating irrevocably that “America is not a racist country” in his counter to President Biden’s congressional address this past Wednesday, Senator Tim Scott was derided in a parade of social media posts with the hashtag “Uncle Tim” flooding the platforms. For defending the reputation of his country and daring to express sentiments in contrast to the woke mob’s propagation of the false myth of inherent and systemic racism, Senator Scott has been disparaged as an Uncle Tom, a traitor to his people. The so-called journalists in the mainstream media defend this type of character assassination, because to the woke mob a black conservative is just as much of a white supremacist as a white conservative. This is the America the left wants, where a rags to riches success story is a bad thing, even that of a black man, simply because it invalidates their narrative of an oppressive America. Senator Scott, whose grandfather was forced to picked cotton as a child rather than attend school, has said that his family has gone “from cotton to Congress in one lifetime.” Shouldn’t that be what “Anti-racists” and “woke intellectuals” (term used loosely) want? Isn’t the success of black men and women a sign of the tremendous progress the United States has made over the past couple of centuries? If they truly cared about the plight of black people, they would celebrate stories like this, but because it hinders their ability to spin the lie of inherent racism and extinguishes their narrative of the need for artificially-created equity, stories of successful black men and women, especially if they are conservative, are derided rather than celebrated. The woke mob, far-left, Black Lives Matter, cancel culture, anti-racists, liberal socialists - whatever they wish to be called – are only empowered when people of color are disempowered; they are only enriched when people of color are oppressed; they only gain support when people are divided; they only grow stronger when there is hate. Senator Scott, and people like him, give us cause for hope.

We have seen over the past couple of years a movement to erase our national heritage and revise our American history. The far left woke maniacs want to expunge Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Jackson, and create an alternate universe where these men are not national heroes and did not secure for generations of Americans the right of self-determination. They are demanding schools, parks, and other public places be renamed, monuments be torn down, and textbooks be rewritten. They have designed and promote anti-American curricula to indoctrinate our youth into hating America and believing that all whites are inherently racist. They have even come to cancel Abraham Lincoln, who emancipated the slaves and fought to amend the Constitution to abolish its existence! If you do not believe that the founders’ sin of owning slaves discounts all they accomplished and is worthy of erasure from the annals of American history, then you are a racist, a white supremacist, and are incapable of seeing, knowing, or understanding racism. In other words, if you patriotically love your country, celebrate its storied past, and revel in the freedoms the founding fathers provided, then you are a racist and you must be made to apologize for your unwoke crimes, and even an apology (which should never be given) is often not enough. To be a true woke American, you must hate your country, vilify everything about its past, and renounce the role of the founding fathers. It is not hard to see why the radicals are waging war on conservatives… we are all that stands in their path to one-party socialism, transforming the American republic, and a total revision of our heritage. As long as there is a conservative willing to resist, there will always be hope.

Georgia recently passed new election laws that require voter identification, legalize ballot drop boxes with stipulations, and increased the days of early voting. The Republicans who passed these election integrity measures following the 2020 shenanigans, have been labeled racists and accused of implementing “Jim Crow in the 21st century.” Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, Chuck Schumer, and other woke leaders claim the Republicans are attempting to suppress the black vote by requiring identification to vote, and as a result, the woke corporations have jumped on the leftist bandwagon and decided to punish the state. Delta has spoken out against the law; Coca Cola has done that and more… instituting mandatory training to teach their employees how to be less white. Major League Baseball, under the cowardly leadership of Commissioner Rob Manfred, pulled the All-Star game scheduled to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, and moved it to Denver, Colorado, from a city that is 52% black to one that is 9% black. They punished community businesses, many of which are black owned and operated, for the sins of the elected officials being unwoke, removing upwards of $100 million of revenue from the city, its people, and its businesses, and rerouting it to the predominantly white, Denver. This is the scorched Earth policy of the liberal socialist counterrevolution and there “with us or against us” attitude. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt, as long as the leftist agenda moves forward and the racist narrative continues. Stacey Abrams, Raphael Warnock, and Joe Biden supported baseball’s boycott of Atlanta… does the left really care about the plight of black people?

Many people have been cancelled simply for failing to bow at the altar of political correctness (PC) and wokeness. Grant Napear, longtime announcer for the Sacramento Kings of the NBA was fired from his talk show for tweeting “all lives matter.” Soccer player, Aleksander Katai, was released by the Los Angeles Galaxy of MLS because his wife criticized Black Lives Matter on social media. Disney’s Mandalorian star, Gina Carano, was terminated from Lucasfilm because they disagreed with her social media posts, one of which questioned the left’s view that everyone must believe what they, on the left, believe, and others questioning mask mandates and election integrity. You fall in line or are expunged, either with the leftists or against them - no shades of grey, no middle ground, no compromise. Conservatives need not exist… there is only room for one ideology in America today, and it’s woke liberalism.

What we are seeing today is liberal McCarthyism, and the enemy is not communists, but patriotic Americans. The enemy is anyone who has conservative political or ideological leanings, anyone who believes in the Constitution, and anyone who dares to dissent from the “woke word.” We are told what words we can use and what terms we must never utter. Everything seems to now be a racist term or reminder of the sins of the past, and those of us who use them are too blinded by our white privilege to realize it. The left attacks anyone mainstream with their PC police while trying to abolish the actual police who serve and protect the people from actual crimes. The leftists demand greater rights for those who have broken the law by taking them away from those of us who follow it. To them, conservatives are guilty of crimes against humanity for objecting to their socialist priorities, opposing their destructive policies, and refusing to succumb to their demands of complete acquiescence. A patriotic American and courageous conservative said today that conservatism is about faith, family, and freedom. This is why it is so dangerous to the leftist counterrevolution… their only God is government, they denounce the nuclear family as part of the oppressive patriarchy, and desire to turn America into a tyrannical, one-party socialist state. Faith, family, and freedom are the anecdote to the liberal poison permeating our population… it is the hope we must hold on to.

True conservatives, brave enough to come out of hiding and step out from the shadows of the silent majority, resist compliance with the radical left woke mob, and support, protect, and defend the Constitution are in dire need. The sacrifice is great, but the threat is real. Conservatives unite! Rise up with conservative voices and hearts, return our focus to faith, family, and freedom, and we can deny the liberal socialist counterrevolution the power to send future generations of Americans into a “thousand years of darkness.” The rebirth of constitutional conservatism is the last best hope of Reagan’s “last best hope of man on Earth.”

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