The Party That Cried Racist

Updated: Apr 4

We all grew up learning about the story of the little boy who cried wolf, repeating false claims of a wolf so often that when one actually appeared, no one would listen. The moral of the story is that if one lies often enough, there will be no one to believe him or her when the truth is actually told. Today, we have an entire population that has failed to heed the sage advice to be garnered from the fable. Those who have embarked on the liberal socialist crusade against all that is American continue to embellish, lie, and mislead the public. Identity politics and the race card are paramount to these far-left radicals, and there is no incident to which they fail to ascribe racism and discrimination. The left continues to cry “racist.”

Any attempts to ensure the integrity of American elections is met with derision from a far-left terrified of losing its hold on power. Voter ID laws, signature matching, and actually following legislatively, and thus constitutionally, established election laws, are supposedly all forms of voter suppression aimed at people of color. Georgia recently passed new election laws that have been met with hatred and denigration from the left. President Biden says the legislation is “sick,” “un-American,” and “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.” He said it was a “blatant attack on the Constitution” that was so colossal it was not Jim Crow, but “Jim Eagle” (whatever that means). Last I checked, the Constitution gave the authority to set election laws to the states. We, of course, all know what he means by that, and his comment wasn’t about states’ rights. The president was clearly calling out the legislation as a violation of civil rights. How about the president’s lie about the law limiting voting hours and cutting off voting by 5pm on election day? Not true. The hours the polls will be open will remain 7am to 7pm, no change from pre-legislation law. He also blasted an actual component of the bill, seemingly clueless as to the true wording of the legislation. He was either unaware, ill-informed, or just untruthful when he claimed that the law deprives voters of receiving water while in line waiting to vote. Is he aware that the law specifically states that water can be provided to voters by poll workers? Regardless, how would this be a “Jim Crow” law? It does not in any way discriminate by allowing white voters water while denying it to black voters. If the law is equally applied to all voters, one could take argument with the law itself, but not for discrimination. Besides, isn’t their goal to have all voters send in absentee ballots with their attempts to greatly expand mail-in voting? We have repeatedly been told that Democrats prefer to vote by mail and Republicans in person, so how is this racially motivated? Beware the party that cried racist…

Stacey Abrams, who still has not conceded her 2018 gubernatorial election loss to Brian Kemp, claims the legislation is nothing more than disguised voter suppression. She suggests it is “nothing less than Jim Crow 2.0” and “blatantly unconstitutional.” Sound familiar? Senator Elizabeth Warren agreed, asserting that the new law was “a despicable voter suppression bill” that would “take Georgia back to Jim Crow.” The bill adds additional weekend voting, requires identification for absentee ballots, requires ballot drop boxes to be safely stationed inside election sites or offices, and shortens the duration of runoff campaigns. What, in this law, specifically targets people of color? How does anything in this bill even remotely relate to the disgusting Jim Crow efforts of racists to restrict voting access to black Americans? Don’t you think Democrat efforts to derail civil rights legislation in the 1950s and 1960s and their push to maintain segregation (including Joe Biden) were slightly more “racist” than Georgia’s attempts to bolster election security in 2021 and beyond?

For some reason, leftists claim that voter identification laws are racist and examples of voter suppression. If every voting-age American has the ability to get an identification card, whether a driver’s license, state ID card, or any other picture ID, how is it racist to require voters to prove they are who they actually claim to be? A recent Gallup poll found that 80% of American voters support voter ID laws, with 77% of non-white voters in favor. Are 77% of the non-white population racist? This, on its face, is an absurd claim, and one that minimizes true instances of attempted voter suppression. It becomes very difficult to believe those who cry wolf, or in this case, those who cry voter suppression and racism.

Jim Crow has become the new catch phrase of the social justice warriors on the left. If it does not promote their socialist, anti-American agenda, then it is the new Jim Crow. The filibuster so frequently used by the Democrats in the Senate to obstruct President Trump’s agenda, hundreds of times in 2020 alone, is now a “relic of Jim Crow” that must immediately be eliminated. The fact that racists (Democrats, by the way) used the filibuster in attempts to thwart civil rights legislation in the 1960s does not mean that all uses of the filibuster are racist. It is not a racist tool simply because it has been used for racist purposes in the past. That’s like saying the cross is a symbol of racism because the KKK used to intimidate others by burning them on lawns. It just doesn’t make sense! According to the left’s definitions, does this mean that Democrats, for the last six years, have been guilty of supporting Jim Crow politics with their regular use of the filibuster? They now insist that Republican use of the filibuster to stop their election fraud package, HR 1, would be for the purposes of suppressing the black vote. How? HR 1 makes it impossible to ensure the citizenship of those registering to vote, actually facilitating the registration of noncitizens, increases ballot harvesting, bans voter ID laws, and in so many ways, makes election fraud easier and more abundant. Opposing election fraud is racism? Beware the party that cries racist…

Senator Raphael Warnock, who preached that Americans had to “repent for our worship of whiteness,” decries the bill as “anti-Democratic” and “Un-American” because it allows the Georgia legislature, “filled with politicians,” to determine election results if they do not like the outcome. What does Warnock think about Nancy Pelosi contemplating overruling the 2020 election in Iowa’s 2nd congressional district and installing the Democrat who lost in place of the Republican winner? Is Pelosi anti-democratic and un-American? Elizabeth Warren claims Governor Brian Kemp is “sitting in Stacey Abram’s chair,” and Abrams has refused to concede her gubernatorial loss despite receiving less votes than her opponent, claiming to this day that she only lost because of voter suppression. Is it not un-democratic and un-American to consistently use voter suppression as a tactic to undermine the confidence that people of color have in our elections? That is what Democrats accused President Trump and Republicans of – undermining confidence in the integrity of our elections with their claims of voter fraud. What is different about what Stacey Abrams and the democrats have been doing?

Barack Obama defended the filibuster in 2005, while in the minority in the Senate. Joe Biden has often defended, and many times used, the filibuster while in the minority. Now, with Democrats in the majority, and a rabid socialist base thirsting for upheaval, they both claim the filibuster is “a relic of Jim Crow.” The Democrats in the Senate, who have used the filibuster hundreds of times to thwart Republican legislation, now claim the tool is racist and must be eliminated. Former Democratic presidential candidate, Al Sharpton, who seemed to be silent during the last six years of democrat filibusters, now claims that the filibuster is “racist” and anyone who supports it, is “supporting racism.” But we all know it is not just the filibuster that is under assault as racist. Although three-quarters of non-white voters support voter ID laws, we are expected to believe that such laws are racist, lead to voter suppression, and must be made illegal.

And the rhetoric is absolutely repulsive…Back in 2000, it was George W. Bush who would bring a return of the Klan, as the NAACP insinuated with its James Byrd ad. In 2012, Biden claimed Mitt Romney would “put you all back in chains.” In 2020, it was Donald Trump who was portrayed as a grand marshal of white supremacy, with all his policies described in terms of racism. The policies of the left are so bad for the future of the United States, and so unpopular with the American people, that the only way they can hold on to power is to lie to, mislead, and divide the people. The phony crusaders against racism are actually purposefully perpetuating racial tensions to provide cover for their destructive policies. The black community has overwhelmingly supported democrat candidates over the past half century, with barely a handful voting for Republicans. My question to those people of color is… How has that worked out?

According to the Census Bureau, in 2019 the U.S. poverty rate was the lowest in history, at 10.5%. The poverty rate for blacks was also the lowest ever, at 18.8%, as it was for Hispanics, at 15.7%. The so-called “racist” policies of President Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress brought minority poverty to all-time lows. Let’s look at history… the poverty levels for blacks were highest in the 1960s, immediately following the end of Jim Crow and segregation (democrat policies), dropped in the 1980s during the Reagan administration, plummeted in the 1990s with Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich’s welfare reform, rose again during Barack Obama’s administration, until dropping to all-time lows during the Trump presidency. History shows us that poverty rises when welfare and government assistance are the key economic providers for people of color, and drops significantly when those same people are empowered, employed, and entrusted to improve their own lives. In one of my recent posts, I reminded everyone that those that are often the loudest opponents of a practice are often its biggest practitioners. Just like we can’t believe the boy who cried wolf, don’t believe the party that cried racist.

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