The Woke Apocalypse

Updated: Jul 17

A nation whose people lose sight of the ideals on which it was built is a nation without a foundation on which to continue. The liberal socialist movement in the United States today is promoting wokeness that is in direct opposition to the principles of the American republic. The woke left preaches hate and division, disguises oppression as compassion, replaces truth with propaganda, and promotes ideology over people. They are a people executing a counterrevolution against the founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution in the hopes of transforming the American republic into a socialist dystopia. The leftists are conducting a war on whites, wealth, patriotism, tradition, capitalism, and American values. They will be relentless in their pursuit of the destruction of the American way of life, stopping at nothing to bring the woke apocalypse upon us.

All the progress we have made over the past two and a half centuries toward that more perfect union is being washed away amidst a wave of anti-American revisionism. In woke America, we are more divided than at any time since the Civil War, and it is by design. The left can never destroy the American republic so long as its people are united in their patriotism and connected more by their love of national culture than disconnected by their differences in racial culture. The woke movement, cancel culture, the war on whites… all part of the leftist strategy to divide the American people, bring down the republic, and institute a socialist state. President Abraham Lincoln famously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The American republic’s apocalypse is upon us in the form of liberal socialism and it’s woke crusade.

A recent Fox News Poll found that only 69% of Americans polled said the United States was the greatest place to live, down from 83% just a few years ago. Not surprisingly, the largest drop in American patriotism comes from the young, those under age 45, with only 54% answering affirmatively, down from 75% in the last poll. Democrats also saw a 20% drop, as the 82% who formerly lauded the United States fell in the latest poll to just 62%. In the most recent I&I/TIPP poll of American patriotism, only 36% of Americans age 18-24 claim to be “very” or “extremely” proud of their country. While patriotism and pride rise as the age of those polled increases, it is the young who are our future, and it is the young that the liberal socialist counterrevolution is targeting with its indoctrination. Critical race theory, the 1619 Project, and revisionist curricula being promoted by leftist activists in the education profession, teachers’ unions, and Democrat party are successfully turning young Americans against their country. Socialist professors and woke leadership in the military are fortifying the indoctrination with their efforts to push divisive, racist, anti-American woke ideology in higher education and the military. The future is frightening… we live in a nation where the young are taught to hate their country, members of the armed forces are being divided by skin color rather than united by purpose, and the party in power is doing everything possible to destroy the republic from within.

In the woke world of the liberal socialist counterrevolution, the United States is a racist, genocidal, and imperialistic nation. This is what our young are being taught with the introduction of critical race theory (CRT) and the 1619 Project into our school curricula. Students are being divided along lines of skin color – whites are being brainwashed to believe they are bad, oppressors and racist, and must apologize for being white, fight against their whiteness, and beg for forgiveness; blacks are being indoctrinated into an ideology in which they are helpless victims, being held down by the white oppressors, with whiteness as their enemy. They are being taught that America was founded not for freedom from taxation without representation and independence from British control, but to maintain the system of slavery. Our founding fathers were not freedom fighters but enslavers, so goes the leftist revisionism. According to the leftist heresy of the 1619 Project, we were born not of liberty, but of bondage, and our founding fathers did not fight for American independence, but for their dependence on slavery. Our schools are now teaching our children that the nation was founded when the first slave ships arrived on North American shores, and that the tales of the founding fathers are simply glorification of the white man and suppression of the contributions of the black slaves that built this nation. The leftists are trying to remove every reminder of our founding fathers - renaming schools, tearing down statues, and removing monuments and memorials. The woke mob is trying to focus all attention on the faults of the founders, encouraging Americans to ignore their contributions to the freedom and liberty of the nation, and only accept the reality that they were slaveowners. Who among us have no faults? If being human, and falling short of perfection, is now the litmus test for cancellation, are there any of us, including those on the left who demand retribution and cancellation, who should not and will not be cancelled? The woke apocalypse will spare no one… today it is the founding fathers, the police, and MAGA… who will it be tomorrow?

There are those on the left, becoming more and more mainstream as each day passes, who believe the American flag is a divisive symbol of oppression. They find the flag offensive, and those who fly it proudly to be racists. The flag of the Union that fought a Civil War, sacrificed the blood of countless American sons and daughters, and freed the slaves has somehow become, in the woke mind, a symbol of white supremacy. They do not believe in the importance and the power of the Fourth of July, refusing to acknowledge it as Independence Day, promoting only Juneteenth as a day of freedom. To the contrary, the American flag is the greatest symbol of liberty and freedom the world has ever seen, and there has never been a more inclusive symbol of a people. The flag represents the ideals of generations of Americans, hundreds of years of progress, and a land that offers the promise of a dream to all those brave enough to call it home. It doesn’t see black, or brown, or white. The only colors the flag sees are the red, white, and blue that bind all Americans on a shared journey, through all of our struggles - successes and failures, victories and defeats, joy and despair. Its stars represent the states, with each representing millions of Americans of all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual orientations. Nothing is more inclusive than our flag, period. As for Independence Day, it is the day that the ideals of a nation were born, ideals that were new to the world and would forever change the way governments interacted with their citizens. It is the day that has inspired hundreds of millions of people around the world to seek self-determination, to demand the unalienable rights afforded by God, and to pursue the dream of freedom and liberty. It is actually a day of freedom for much more than just Americans. In a woke America of the future, 1776 will be replaced with 1619, and Independence Day will no longer be celebrated. The flag will no longer be respected and will no longer be flown as a symbol of strength, peace, freedom, and equality. Those who fly the flag will be ostracized as racists, colonizers, and oppressors. The USA will cease to be “one nation under God” and become a nation without God. This is a world in which America is no longer great, no longer the world’s superpower, and that is all by design. Are we ready for a world led by communist China, where the United States is a willing bystander to the tyranny, human rights abuses, and genocide of a godless ideology?

In woke America, there is no debate and dissent, only conformity and surrender. The strength of American society has always been the free exchange of ideas, the freedom to think independently, determine one’s own direction in life, and pursue opportunities based on individual passions and skills. Look at what is happening in America today as a result of the equity push of the woke warriors – Mayor Bill DeBlasio is considering eliminating gifted education programs in New York City because they are predominantly filled by white and Asian students, while Democrats, himself included, continue to resist school choice, which would exponentially increase educational opportunities for minority and low income children; politicians, media personalities, and average Americans are being “cancelled” because they express views that are not aligned with woke dogma, losing jobs and being ostracized by colleagues, friends, and neighbors; corporate employees are being put through anti-white training sessions designed to make them repent for being born white and having the audacity to belong to what the leftists consider an oppressor race; the U.S. Armed Forces are altering physical fitness requirements to make entrance more equitable, lowering the threshold for those who are not in good enough shape to pass the fitness exam while at the same time promoting critical race theory and imposing diversity quotas (regardless of ability) in its ranks. Think about that… removing accelerated learning programs for those who have excelled to be fair to those who haven’t; lowering the standards of military membership to be fair to those who are not strong enough to serve; defining acceptable speech as to not offend those who are easily offended. Is this the world you want your children growing up in – a world where our children are held back from advancing their own learning and fall behind the rest of the world for the sake of equity; where our military, currently the greatest in the history of the world, is weakened to the point of ineffectiveness by the introduction of woke demands for fairness and social justice; and one in which the first amendment no longer protects us and we all must walk on eggshells hoping to avoid the penalties of speaking out in ways that have been deemed unacceptable by our woke, big brother police state?

The woke apocalypse is upon us, and the future of our republic is in doubt. Good people have fallen victim to the false narratives and propaganda of the liberal socialist counterrevolution. The United States is teetering not on collapse, but surrender. If we continue to bow to the demands of a woke left that has never believed in the ideals and principles of the founding fathers and the great American experiment, then there will be no America in the future. Forthcoming generations will be learning of the Bill of Rights only through folklore, receiving their rights from government and not God. Our limited government will be their oppressive and overbearing government, and the consent of the governed will be replaced with the capitulation of the governed. Future generations will grow up never knowing the power of being able to speak freely, think for themselves, and live their own lives. They will know only an American nightmare, brought on by socialism, as the American dream will be recognized merely in stories and tales of a different land and time. This is a future we cannot sit idly by and allow to befall the country we love. It matters not whose freedom of speech is being infringed; we must all stand up and demand they be heard. It matters not the color of one’s skin; we must refuse to judge individuals by anything other than the content of their character. It matters not how the left disrespects our country and denigrates our Americanism; we must always fly our flags high, stand proudly for our national anthem, and enthusiastically and passionately celebrate our Independence Day. It matters not the agenda of the liberal socialist counterrevolution, woke mob, and leftist activists; we, the people, must promote our own bold agenda for American renewal.

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