To Fish or Not to Fish...

Who is going to pay for the liberal socialist utopia, in which there is no effort, no personal responsibility, no individual accountability, and everything is free? I’m not an economist, but I am pretty sure that nothing in this world is free. Someone has to pay for it. So again, I ask, who is going to pay for “free college,” “free healthcare,” and “free money?” And let’s not forget about the reparations for slavery, segregation, and mass incarceration that Black Lives Matter and the leftists are demanding. When the left says free, they mean that someone else is paying for it. Free does not mean no cost.

If the left proceeds with their plans to eliminate current college debt and make universities tuition free in the future, will there be reparations for those who paid for college, repaid student loans, and sacrificed much to earn a college degree in the past? Wouldn’t that be fair? Since it is impossible to increase the number of people served by our healthcare system while maintaining the same quality of care without raising costs, who will decide what services will be eliminated, who qualifies for newly limited services, and how services will be distributed? How can we continue to fund a liberal welfare state that often makes it more lucrative to accept government assistance than to get a job? Free does not mean fair.

We do not need to give out free money; we need to create jobs so people can earn a living. We do not need to make college free; we need to make it more affordable while making students earn and deserve it. We do not need to remake the healthcare system; we need to reform the insurance industry that makes healthcare unaffordable. We do not need to provide reparations for individuals who never experienced slavery; we need to empower members of historically underserved, underprivileged, and oppressed communities to succeed on their own.

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” Our government needs to stop doing for people what they can, and should, be doing for themselves. We need to stop propping up a system of dependency that is nothing more than a politically expedient way to ensure votes for the Democrat party. If we truly want to help those members of minority communities, then we need to dismantle the liberal welfare state that has kept them trapped in poverty, provide them with the tools and support to rip off the chains of dependency, and empower them to make their lives about more than just survival. The Democrats continue to oppress minorities with their “compassionate” welfare policies that have only increased dependency and feelings of helplessness, reduced the creation of wealth within these communities, and perpetuated a victim mentality that has crippled this population. Free does not mean empowering.

Government dependency is a self-fulfilling prophecy – it reduces an individual’s sense of self-worth, eliminates responsibility and accountability, perpetuates the development of learned dependency, and propagates reliance on the government in future generations. In these situations, handouts replace hand ups, ignominy replaces dignity, and despair replaces hope. People become comfortable as they learn to live with what they get simply to survive, rather than becoming motivated to take the opportunity to earn more and thrive. Those who suffer most are the children, who learn the way of least resistance and more often than not join their parents on an odyssey of anguish and hopelessness. Free does not mean empathetic.

We should all have to work for what we get… previous generations earned good lives for themselves and better lives for their offspring. They worked hard, provided for their families, and instilled in their children the values of work ethic, personal responsibility, and individual accountability. Unlike children born into dependency, these children were provided the tools to not only survive, but to thrive. They were not guaranteed success but were granted an opportunity for it. What opportunity is presented to a child born into a world of government dependency? How does one garner hope when surrounded by nothing but despair? Free does not mean hope.

To the leftists, compassion means dependency, which equates to votes. To the conservative, compassion means empowerment, which equates to individual success. It is the difference between a handout and a hand up. It is the difference between survival and success. It is the difference between slavery and freedom. Dependency does not free individuals, it enslaves them. No one who is dependent on others can ever truly be free. Merriam-Webster defines slavery as “submission to a dominating influence.” What can be a more dominating influence than the United States federal government? Free does not mean freedom.

Those who are now demanding reparations for chattel slavery are fine with modern-day economic slavery, keeping minorities and the poor dependent on government for survival. After all, welfare is not about compassion, but about power. The culture of dependency perpetrated by the left upon an entire population of Americans is part of a political calculation designed to empower those of a liberal persuasion and ensure that the power is maintained. It is not about compassion, or empowerment, or prosperity… it’s about control.

When everything is provided “free” by the government, freedom disappears. Those who pay taxes pay more to support those who don’t, and the people become dependent upon the government, which is then empowered to control their lives. That is not the America the founders gave us. Our nation was built on independence and self-reliance, with a limited government established to serve the people, and a Constitution drafted to protect their individual liberty and rights. To serve the general welfare, the government has a responsibility to provide the occasional hand up, but not to promote permanent dependency.

It’s time to stop handing out fish and teach people how to fish.

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