Welcome to Wokeville, U.S.A.

In his Gettysburg Address, President Abraham Lincoln reaffirms our founding, “…our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” We were then, are now, and have always been, a nation “conceived in liberty.” Our republic was built on the people’s right to self-determination, that the government was only empowered with their consent, and that there were certain rights that could not be denied. The Constitution, which serves as the framework of our government and supreme law of the land, functions to protect those rights, ensure our liberties, and maintain a free society in which individuals can thrive. Nearly 250 years later, a liberal socialist counterrevolution seeks to undo the republic, rewriting our history, altering our Constitution, and fundamentally transforming American society. Welcome to Wokeville, America’s home of intolerance and the domain of leftist racists, socialists, anarchists, opportunists, and the ignorant. Let’s take a tour…

In Wokeville, the focus is always on identity politics, marginalization, cultural appropriation, inclusion, intersectionalism, toxic masculinity, the gender spectrum, white privilege, systemic oppression, and cancel culture. Only black lives matter, as saying all lives matter demonstrates a racist viewpoint. Law enforcement is inherently and systemically racist, specifically targeting people of color. The United States was founded in 1619 when the first slave ships arrived, and the American Revolution was fought to save and propagate the system of slavery. The nation’s founding fathers were villains, not heroes, and must be erased from our national heritage. White people, on the basis of the color of their skin, are all racists and oppressors, incapable of understanding racism and powerless to overcome their genetically engrained white supremacy. Individuals are rated according to their intersectional oppressions, with the number of minority groups to which one belongs the determining factor of what he or she is owed. In the world of woke America, reparations should be paid by all white people to all black people, regardless of ancestral involvement or lack thereof in participating in and perpetuating the system of slavery. Here, rioting is a peaceful form of protest, looting is a form of reparations, equality of opportunity is discriminatory, police are the enemy of peace, prisons should be abolished, criminals should be released, and the nation should have no borders. Citizens of Wokeville do not believe in individuality and free speech, as only those who subscribe to their ideology are worthy of having a voice, and those who dissent are quickly punished. This is a place of hypocrisy, where it is acceptable to hate people because of their skin color (if they are white), speech is free only if it is approved, celebrating traditions is theft and oppression, and history is determined in the present. The problem is that Wokeville is unfortunately not limited to one place, but rather can be visited in most states across this beautiful land.

In the House of Representatives, Speaker Pelosi has banned the use of gender-specific and familial relationship terms from use in the chamber. One can be labeled a parent, but not a mother or father; one can be a sibling, but not a brother or sister. It seems that there are no more men and women allowed in Congress. Down the road, the White House is firmly planted in the rising woke nation. In the Biden budget proposal, the administration boldly launches a $200 million program to “help end this high rate of maternal mortality and race-based disparities in outcomes among birthing people…” Read that carefully. How many men do you know have given birth? Only in the land of the woke is it considered inappropriate to refer to the people that give birth as women, the only sex that is scientifically capable of “birthing.” This is what it means to be woke – we can’t offend what the USA Today referred to as the “…many transgender, nonbinary and other gender-nonconforming people worldwide who have given birth.” Regardless of the gender they choose, aren’t they still sexually identifiable as women?

Let’s head to the Big Apple… New York Times Editorial Board member, Mara Gay, demonstrated the left’s hatred for patriotic Americans, Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters, when talking about pickup trucks she saw on her trip to Long Island. She mentioned that the trucks had expletives directed toward President Biden on them, which is unacceptable, but she continued to be disturbed more by the trucks having American flags, “…and in some cases just dozens of American flags, which is also just disturbing … Essentially the message was clear. This is my country. This is not your country.” In woke America, displaying a flag seems to represent racism, xenophobia, and white privilege. To the woke, the American flag has become a symbol of Trumpism, nativism, racism, and oppression. Talk about disturbing, Ms. Gay! She also insisted that we must “separate Americanness, America, from whiteness." At the New York Times, which has defended her comments, and throughout woke America, tolerance is owed to people of color but should be denied to white people. Stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination have been American sins perpetrated against people of color for centuries, but those sins are now virtues when practiced against white people. Forget radical Islamists, biological plagues, exorbitant national debt, communist China, or any of the multitude of threats the United States faces on a daily basis… in Wokeville, the biggest threat to American society is whiteness.

Back in Washington, D.C., Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat, has now become public enemy #1 to the Squad, after refusing to embrace the election-rigging legislation known as the For the People Act and for not bowing to leftist pressure to support eliminating the Senate filibuster rule. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez condemned Manchin for uniting with Republicans in supporting “voter suppression.” Representative Mondaire Jones of New York claimed Manchin was trying to “preserve Jim Crow.” Missouri Representative Cori Bush, in an eloquent English rebuff of the West Virginia senator, tweeted, “Manchin & Co. be like ‘defund the police costs us elections’ while actively sabotaging our Dem agenda.” Bush said the quiet part out loud – the Democrat’s agenda is to rig the electoral system and transform the republic into a nation of one-party rule, a totalitarian state in which the Democrat party cannot lose. This is wokeness today… tell people what they are to believe, how they are to speak, what they must support, what they can and cannot do, and disparage and ostracize those who dissent.

In Minnesota, we have the bizarro world of woke reversal, glamorizing and honoring criminals while disparaging those who uphold the law. While there is no excuse for the actions of ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who deservingly received justice in a court of law, we should not be too quick to immortalize George Floyd. Floyd, who is being honored as a martyr of the social justice and equal rights movement, as though he is the second coming of Martin Luther King, Jr., led a troubled life involving numerous arrests for various crimes. Daunte Wright, whose funeral was attended by the who’s who of Minnesota politics, including Representative Ilhan Omar, was killed in an incident with police. Having been pulled over for an expired tag, the officers on the scene discovered an outstanding warrant out for Wright’s arrest. During the attempted arrest, there was a struggle and Wright temporarily escaped before being shot. Why a warrant? Daunte Wright fled from police earlier in the year for possession of a firearm and violated his probation, but this is a small part of his life of crime, with arrests for selling drugs and aggravated robbery, and accusations of shooting classmates. At the funeral, Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz said, "We know that this tragedy is connected to the deep and systemic racism in our society that Black people in Minnesota and across this country face every single day." This automatic condemnation of police and honoring of criminals has become commonplace for the woke soldiers of the liberal socialist counterrevolution, and it’s happening all over the country.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, police were called to a home for a domestic dispute, in which Jacob Blake, with an outstanding warrant for sexual assault, was accused of stealing a woman’s car keys with children in the car. Blake resisted arrest, had a knife in his possession, and was shot multiple times, resulting in his paralysis. Vice President Kamala Harris, then a candidate, met with Blake and his family in the hospital, telling him that she was proud of him, later saying to reporters, “they’re carrying the weight of a lot of voices on their shoulders.” She implies that those voices belong to innocent young black people being systematically targeted by law enforcement, but the voices making noise are actually those of the racist woke left, promoting their false narratives and prejudiced agenda. In Wokeville, despite an individual’s history or the facts of the incident, police officers involved in shootings are guilty until proven innocent, and even then, continue to be condemned, while a black man shot and killed by police is worthy of instant beatification.

It’s tough to be a common-sense constitutional conservative in Woke America today. I don’t see race or differentiate people based on the color of their skin, yet we are being told that the color of one’s skin is all that matters. I grew up the son and grandson of law enforcement officers who was taught to respect police, obey the law, and do the right thing. Today, we are expected to believe that the men and women who serve and protect are actually members of an inherently racist organization systematically targeting people of color for elimination. Until now, there have been men and women, but now the woke elite demands that we recognize a countless number of genders, that gender is fluid, that children should have the right to determine their own gender, and biological males should have the right to use female restrooms, locker rooms, and play female sports. In school, we learned that the first amendment means that we can have our own opinions, disagree with others, and speak freely. In Woke America, there is no free speech. Those who disagree with liberal socialist ideology or woke dogma are ridiculed, disparaged, and ostracized, and their reputations and lives are destroyed. We learned of our American history, in awe of the achievements of the founding fathers, explored our American exceptionalism, and learned to appreciate the greatness of the United States. Woke revisionist history today teaches our kids that our nation is not great now and never has been great, that it was built by exploitation and genocide, and the woke mob is attempting to cancel our founding fathers and much of our national heritage. Most offensive to the soul of the constitutional republic created by the founders, maintained and improved upon by previous generations, and handed down to the current crop of Americans, is the constant assault against the collective moral conscience of the nation – to the woke leftist, America is an inherently racist, imperialistic, and genocidal nation… incapable of correcting its faults and irredeemable to its core. Woke America forsakes equality of opportunity and demands equity of outcomes. That is not my America. It is not your America. Woke America is not the real America.

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